Wednesday, July 05, 2017

July Goals

I'm determined to stay on top of things and focus on what's important to me. By breaking up each month into smaller goals, I'm finding that I'm more likely to accomplish things. Hey, I'm a list-maker and I like checking things off!

Let's see how June went...

1. Landon's two-month post and pictures. 
Check! I'm getting better at preparing for his monthly photo op and post and his two month pictures are seriously the cutest!

2. Read three books. 
Check! I actually read SIX - check out my June Book Review.

3. Sort through mail and bills. 
Eh. I didn't accomplish this fully, but I didn't fail this task completely, either. I started on this and actually accomplished a great deal, but it's not totally done yet.

Now, onto July!

Monday, July 03, 2017

Landon Erwin | Three Months

Our sweet boy is THREE MONTHS OLD today! How in the world did that happen?! We are finally on a pretty good routine right now, only making slight adjustments to things as we go.

Thankfully, Landon is an amazing car baby, considering he's in it at least 3 hours every day! He's starting to really look out the window (what he can see anyway) watching as things go by and it really holds his attention. But for the most part he sleeps while in the car.

We also got him a swing this month and sweet boy LOVES it! He will sit in that thing and just swing away while either watching TV or the mobile that hangs over it. We try to keep a blanket on him during this time because he seems to get cold otherwise, but he's such a kicker and is constantly kicking his legs (especially when he gets excited!) which results in the blanket landing on the floor 99% of the time. We're picking that thing up constantly! BUT, I finally got smart and wrapped him up in his Nested Bean sleep sack so he can't kick it off! #winning.

Friday, June 30, 2017

me | june

June was fabulous - for the most part. I did have a week in there that was H.A.R.D., but otherwise, it was pretty great! We are just loving on our sweet boy each and every day and soaking up all of his baby-ness! Love, love, love him oh so much!

The h i g h s:
  • Landon was baptized
  • Cory's first Father's Day.
  • Cory's parents visited for a week and a half from Pennsylvania and got to enjoy some much needed time with Landon. 
  • A family pool day and dinner at Texas Roadhouse!
The l o w s
  • I broke. I've been trying so hard not to over these past few months, but a few weeks ago, I just had a serious panic attack and broke down. 
  • I'll be keeping my current vehicle a little longer than I initially hoped or anticipated. But it's totally fine...just a little disappointing. 

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