Monday, September 15, 2014

Falling for fall.

What better way to start off a Monday than with some inspiration and things I'm loving? Even though it's not officially fall, I'm obsessed with it and am so ready for summer to be over. Officially. Sayonara Summer! So today, I'm linking up with Bailey Jean from Brave Love for the Blog-tember challenge for my mood board, which is full of fall fun. 

1//I'm loving this quote lately. I seriously can't get enough!
2//The cutest fall DIY! I have the perfect place to hang this autumn garland in my home.
3//This scarf. There are no words...I just need it in my wardrobe ASAP! Especially for the two weeks of actual cold weather I may be able to wear it here in Texas!
4//I've really been into purple accents lately, and this bedroom is perfection. So homey and cozy!
5//Be brave. Be bold. Be beautifully you. My inspiration.
6//This is a MUST project this fall! I can't even get over the cuteness that is this book pumpkin.
7//Gold-tipped feathers. I used to hate them, but they've grown on me! Now if only I could figure out what I'd do with them ...
8//I recently purchased this exact ring and I'm absolutely in love with it. More to come on that later :).
9//Be still and know that I am God. My daily reminder.

Brave Love Blog

What's on your mood board today? Are you ready for fall?

hana said...

yes yes yes! oh im also already completely obsessed with autumn! (although the fact that my birthdays just around the corner might have something to do with that).... found your blog through the link up and im so glad I did! *follows on every social network possible*

iwillbloom said...

Love the collage! What a soothing collection! Love those gold-tipped feathers: I think I might make some of those for scrapbooking with!

Melissa Hopper said...

I am obsessed with fall coming as well! I love the leaves and the pumpkins!! I can not wait to start decorating.


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