#xobriannaleigh2015 {Week Twenty}

Day 135: National chocolate chip cookie day? Don't mind if I do! 

Day 136: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Munsch! Beautiful wedding, and so glad this guy tagged along. 

Day 137: Ending a busy, family-filled weekend with some Channing Tatum. If there's anything that can take my mind off the fact that tomorrow is Monday, it's him. 

Day 138: Flooded in and can't get to work. Holy high water! 

Day 139: Unexpected new style, but it's growing on me. (1) it's just hair, (2) it'll grow back, and (3) I'm going to totally rock this new cut this summer! 

Day 140: The blog got a facelift! I'm seriously in love with its simple, clean, professional design with a touch of sass. #bloglife

Day 141: Sweet baby! Bella is thriving and Sandy is ALWAYS munching on grass. 

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