Monday, June 01, 2015

#briannaleigh2015 {Week Twenty-One}

Day 142: Long, long night. It's always something. Praying for safety, peace, and sleep. #alarmsinthenight

Day 143: Date night and a weekend away! Seriously perfection. Josh Turner KILLED it! 

Day 144: Hit 10k on the way home from our weekend getaway! #newcar #notsonewanymore

Day 145: Texas hasn't seen this much rain in years! So much flooding, tornadoes are now normal, and people are trying to rebuild their lives. Praying for all affected that they are able to come out on top. Driving conditions are unknown everywhere... #txfloods

Day 146: Comfort food wins always. 

Day 147: Dark skies for days. More thunderstorms on the way! #prayforcentraltexas

Day 148:This guy has my heart. Just look at that face! It's so good to have him back from an unexpected week in Wimberley. 

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