Friday, December 04, 2015

#briannaleigh2015 {Weeks Forty-Seven & Forty-Eight}

Day 317: Gloomy weather is perfection. Any and every day. 

Day 318: Motivation. 

Day 319: Oh so thankful and blessed for this man! He's seriously the best and way more than I deserve! 

Day 320: In miserable, physical pain and haven't left this bed all day. Praying for relief soon and to get used to these meds! 

Day 321: Seriously though. 

Day 322: Story of my life! 

Day 323: Addicted is an understatement! 

Day 324: Oh so thankful for these crisp, cold days! 

Day 325: Prayer is oh so important and something often taken for granted. Trying to be more intentional this advent season! 

Day 326: B is for badass, ya know? 

Day 327: That's what I'm talking about! First "icy morning" this season and I'm pumped! Finally feeling like fall. 

Day 328: Homemade peach cobbler? Don't mind if I do! 

Day 329: Blessed to spend this girl's birthday with her and to have such an amazing sister! Happiest of birthdays to you Hil! Love youuuuu! 

Day 330: Happy Thanksgiving! 

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