Day 23: What a beautiful service for an amazing man! Uncle Delvin is already very dearly missed but is in a better place. Rest in Peace Slick. Your memory lives on! #militaryfuneral #USA

Day 24: We’re a farming family! Cold, rain, or snow, cows must be fed. We totally rocked it!

Day 25: A bonus to being home for the weekend: leftovers! And spillage condoms. #myfamilyrocks

Day 26: Yogaaa! #warriorone #yogiinprogress

Day 27: The ONLY way to start the day.

Day 28: Today had just been a weird day, starting this morning. I’m ready for tomorrow’s new start, for a new light and new promises.

Day 29: Such a beautiful day! Sunny skies, mid 70s, slight breeze. It just doesn’t get much better!

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