Day 37: Yes, yes it is! #mmmm

Day 38: These two melt my heart. What a fabulous day having them here! 

Day 39: Back at it and I’m super excited! Really looking to make this a lifestyle change and evolve into incorporating more veggies! And while I was downing this beauty, my boyfriend decided to FaceTime me while enjoying a root beer float…talk about cruel! 

Day 40: Recapping some Bachelor drama for the blog and catching up on Chasing Life. Loving my Monday nights! 

Day 41: Wine down? Don’t mind if I do! 

Day 42: Happiest of hours with this girl! It just doesn’t get much better. My heart and my stomach are full tonight. 

Day 43: Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy really pulled on the heartstrings. It definitely reminded me to be thankful for my blessings and that life could always be worse. I’m so blessed! #tearsofgreys

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