Today is the beginning of a brand new journey! I’ve been slowly working on transitioning my blog from blogger to, and it’s finally done!

There is a lot going on behind the scenes on this space now, and I am oh so thankful for this change. I’ve always dreamed that one day I’d be in the WordPress crowd and self-host, etc., but I truly always thought it was out of my reach – that I wouldn’t be able to fully execute the transition. Well, I’m very happy to say that with the help of Double M Web Design, my dream has come true and I’m officially not on blogger anymore!

If you’re here today to check out my new space, THANK YOU! I’m so excited to begin this new journey, have a new space to bring all of my thoughts and pictures, and that it’s so pretty! I’m super picky, so the fact that this is completely done and I didn’t prolong the process more than I already have is quite a feat. This new look is so “me”, and I’m just over the moon with it.


Seriously, I’m obsessed with my new space and am truly excited to be writing here! Again, I know this is more of an “internal” thing that mostly only bloggers will truly understand, but I just want to make it known that I’ve been putting in a lot of work for this space and that it’s totally customized to ME! Every single little detail that I didn’t like or want changed got done. There’s not one thing that I settled on, and that truly amazes me!

I have to throw a HUGE shout out to Double M Web Design (a.k.a. my dad and my brother) for all of their help, expertise, long hours, and countless questions I threw at them throughout this process. Because let me tell you, I wasn’t an easy client! As I’ve already mentioned, I’m super picky and the fact that I could completely customizeĀ everything meant changing my mind several times in several different places. If you need any graphic design, website coding, website hosting work, check them out!

I’ve learned a LOT about coding and website design during this transition process, and let me tell you, I knew it was difficult and time consuming, but I had no idea just how much! Tweaking two little things (and I mean little…) took TWO HOURS. Seriously. This is not an exaggeration! It just blows my mind. I’ve also learned that I am not meant to be in the coding/website design business. I’d be bald for real! I’ve wanted to pull my hair out on more than one occasion and I’ve honestly shed a tear or two (or twenty) in the creation of this new site. So, I hope you like it and stay a while! šŸ™‚