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December 31, 2014 in divorce, faith, family, self discovery, year in review

Just like every year at this time, I cannot believe yet another year has come and gone! It’s crazy to me that tomorrow will be a brand new year – 2015! But before that happens, I want to reminisce on all this year has been – the good and bad, ups and downs, highs and lows. We all know there were MANY! So, a monthly breakdown, including one picture to commemorate each month.

The year started out great! I took a surprise trip with my siblings to visit my parents, which turned out to be one the best weekends of the year! We also had two of our cousins overnight for a few days without their parents…you can guarantee fun ensued! 🙂

I joined the Android family and haven’t looked back since. I read one the most amazing books of all time: Redeeming Love. It’s a must, seriously! I attended the most amazing women’s conference ever – the Radiant Conference in Georgetown. And my baby brother got engaged this month. *tear*

The month that my entire world fell apart. On March 1, 2014, my husband confronted me with his girlfriend of four months and that he no longer loved me. He wanted out of our marriage forever. No pictures, as I felt nothing was worth documenting. I just processed all month long. 

I tagged along with my cousin’s at the Starbound dance competition in San Antonio. It was much needed fun and definitely entertaining :). I celebrated Easter with the most special people in my life: my parents. And my new blog, Sincerely, Brianna Leigh, was born! 

The official death of my old blog: Faithful Footprints. It was difficult to let it go, but necessary. I went hiking with the best siblings ever and had an absolute blast! I also attended a work conference in San Antonio over several days. and very educational. May was also the month I moved into my new place on my own – talk about a new adventure!

I participated in my first ever 5k – the Blacklight Run! Although it was a lot of exercise, I did it with the best people ever and loved every minute! Thanks to Hilary, Josh, and Jessica for a fantastic adventure! I also was empowered with a power saw, hit downtown 6th street with friends and the best sister ever for a crazy night we still talk about, and had my first guests over to my new place!

This was also the month I felt moved to finally share my story with the world and blog about my impending divorce. #mystory
4th of July this year was one that won’t be forgotten anytime soon! Our cousins from Germany flew down and spent it with us in the country. From the St. John church picnic, to playing washers in the rain, to camping at Lake Somerville (partially in the rain), it was constant entertainment and memories that I will cherish forever. Check out my 4th of July: Texas Style post. 🙂 I also jumped on the Fault in Our Stars bandwagon and love, love, loved the movie! I compared it with the book here and discussed a few of my great and terrible tens.  And my little cousin was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes this month. She’s been kicking its butt ever since! 

I met some awesome bloggers this month at the Austin Blogger Meetup. I officially filed our divorce papers. I struggled in other people’s expectations of my life being “separated, divorce pending”. And best of all, I went on vacation!

I returned home from a week-long vacation, celebrated my boss’s birthday, totalled my car, spent a weekend in Buda, and made a huge purchase that I have yet to talk about on this here blog. 

I participated in #Blogtober14, introduced the blog world to my family, my divorce was finalized, I said good-bye to 25, and celebrated my birthday with my family twice! I also participated in the JDRF walk for diabetes for my cousin. 

This month was full of celebrations! Not only was it Thanksgiving, but we celebrated my great Aunt’s 90th birthday with a SURPRISE party and celebrated my sister’s 30th birthday! Lots of family and lots of fun. There’s no other way I would’ve rather spent November. 🙂 I also attended my first wedding since my divorce, which was a huge step for me!

This month I got hit with the flu, spent a weekend with the best parents and sister ever, went on my first solo dining experience, went on a few first dates, and celebrated Christmas with an absolutely amazing family. Y’all, I’m blessed! 

This year has been crazy, to say the least. It’s been full of utter sadness and betrayal and the worst hurt I’ve ever dreamed of. But revisiting each month has reminded me that this year has also been very rewarding and fulfilling. I’ve done so many things that I had never done before and I got out of my comfort zone. I spent time with family and friends and didn’t wallow in self-pity. I’ve learned so many lessons, but the most important thing I’ve learned is that life doesn’t end with divorce. In fact, the months following our separation were some of the most enjoyable and fun-filled I’ve had in my life. This year, today, I’m living life anew. I’m spreading my wings and am so unbelievably ready and excited to see where my life is headed. 2015 is going to be nothing short of amazing. I could really use an amazing year. 🙂 

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  • Allison @ Texas Mrs. December 31, 2014 at 3:43 pm

    I could be partial, but the Austin Blogger meetup was the best heheh! I hope your 2015 is immensely prosperous. By reading your blog, I can tell how strong of a woman you are… and you have such a bright, beautiful future. Praise God for blessing us and bringing us together through blogging. P.S. are you going to the Radiant conference in February?

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