2014 Mendel Vacation: Bon Voyage!

September 10, 2014 in 2014 Mendel Vacation, family, photography, travel

My very first adult vacation is in the books! And I’m ready to go back… ;). For months, we planned this trip, and just like that, the countdown was finally over!

family vacation cruise
My excitement was building. I couldn’t believe it was finally happening…we were actually, finally, boarding the ship. We were on vacation! And what’s a vacation without a floppy hat?! 
It was all new to me (the only one in my immediate family), and I was like a little kid at Christmas! It’s true. We all know a cruise ship is huge, but seeing it in person, right in your face, and then boarding, it’s a completely different experience! It’s a completely different notion of ‘big’. That thing was massive! But I’m glad, because there were also so.many.people on that thing. Millions it seemed…okay not really. We mustered (aka, learned what to do in case of an emergency) and just like that, we were moving and headed out of Galveston Bay. Adios, Texas! 
family cruise vacation
 cruise carnival magic
And once again, the little kid came out in me. I was snapping pictures of everything and enjoyed taking it all in. I was on vacation, as an adult, away from work, for a 7 day cruise of the Caribbean, with my family! The wind was in my hair, and there was nothing but fun and food all around me. It was a vacation I’ll never forget! I did what I wanted, when I wanted, and soaked up every single minute. We were on a boat! My very first cruise was underway. First stop: Cozumel! 

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