2014 Mendel Vacation: Formal Night

Before Cozumel though, we had a sea day. Yep, an entire day at sea, soaking up the sunshine, drinks in hand, and formal night!

I slept in late (ahhhh…) and then hit the water slides with my sister, which was! Water slides on a massive boat equals huge win. Just sayin’. 😉 After our water fun, we hit up the massive buffet on board that had a little bit of everything! If you go hungry while on a cruise, it’s completely 100% your own fault!

We had previously decided to really go all out for formal night and take some professional family pictures, which really meant that sea day turned into hurry back to the cabin and get ready super early, take pictures, and then wait around for dinner day. It was worth it though. What do you think?

We fancy! What a smokin’ family that I’m blessed with! I absolutely love the way these pictures turned out and will cherish them forever. These people, I love unconditionally! Formal night was so much fun and a huge success. It was great to see everyone all dressed up for dinner and in good spirits.

This cruise did not only contain me and my immediate family, though. It’s not called the 2014 Mendel Vacation for nothing you know! There were 26 family members total on this cruise. That’s right, 26! And man, was it crazy (but a good time nonetheless)! Check out some more family in their slick duds for formal night! What a blast. Seriously. [the lighting in the dining room irritated the heck out of me! so, sadly, the quality is lacking :(]

And the FOOD! Oh my goodness, the food. Every night, we ate in the formal dining room (with one exception for me) and stuffed our faces until we couldn’t even bear the thought of another bite. For formal night, they brought out the good stuff! Lobster, filet mignon, salmon, ribs, cakes, pies, you name it! And, I’m a blogger, so of course I documented the heck out of dinner…

My mouth is watering just thinking about it! This was all in one night. Holy yum. And no, these were not all my dishes. We shared a lot, and there was absolutely no way I could even begin to attempt to eat all of that! But everything was so delicious. My favorite was the lobster and the ribs. Oh my yum, the ribs. They were the best I’ve ever had and I secretly hoped they’d be on the menu every single night (they weren’t)!

Our dinner was the late seating every night, which meant dinner at 8pm. After dinner, we headed back to the cabin to relax and prepare for the fun-filled days ahead! The more adventurous family members went to shows and music lounges until all hours of the night. I was absolutely content with hanging out in the big, comfy bed in my pajamas reading a book. Perfection. [And I was in desperate need of getting out of those heels!]

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  • Hilary Mendel October 9, 2014 at 5:52 pm

    Missing the food (especially that night) makes me sad …

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