2017 in Review

December 31, 2017 in year in review

How is 2017 already over? I seriously cannot believe it. But alas, here it is. Another year has come and gone, and it was a game-changer.

2017 best nine

My best nine on Instagram. Can you tell that I HAD A BABY this year?! : )

Ok, now let’s review. Be prepared for a ton of BABY overload. Because in case you didn’t know yet, I had a baby this year!


I entered my third trimester of pregnancy and spent half a day in the labor and delivery triage unit monitoring Landon after a minor fender bender. I was FREAKED out. Thankfully everything turned out okay, but my mama heart was filled with worry and stress.

I also had my first baby shower that month!

We did some house hunting, and we got our baby’s crib!


I jumped on the LipSense bandwagon and haven’t looked back.

lipsense dawn rising

I don’t sell it, but I’m obsessed with it. If you haven’t tried it – you should do so immediately. Kthanksbye. February was also the month that MY HUSBAND MOVED BACK TO TEXAS! We were finally reunited, thank God.

We also announced our sweet boy’s name and the meaning behind it on the blog!


woodland baby shower

My woodland-themed baby shower was this month!

crib bedding

And we finalized Landon’s crib/bedding/decor. And I may have cried. Cue all the hormones being 8 months pregnant!


landon erwin cramer

Landon Erwin Cramer made his debut! 9 lbs, 8 ounces, and 21.5″ of sweet baby bliss.

And I had to figure out this mom life thing…


baby yawn

I went back to work and Landon started daycare!

And we survived one month with a baby. : )


We had several pool days with Landon – and he loved them! Well, as much as a two-month-old can.


We also celebrated Cory’s first Father’s Day, and Landon was baptized!


great grandmas

We took our first plane ride with a baby (and survived!), and Landon got to meet his great-grandparents and extended family in Pennsylvania!

Landon had his first beach trip this month – and his first illness. RSV and double ear infections hit him full force.


baby and dog

Cory turned THIRTY!

I made the switch from blogger to WordPress for my blog, and I’m still absolutely loving it (even though there are still some glitches from the conversion)!


cory birthday

We celebrated Cory’s 30th birthday in San Antonio and Landon turned 5 MONTHS OLD!


Cory’s mom visited from PA for a few weeks, and Cory and I celebrated our one year wedding anniversary!

I started my new job!

pumpkin patch

Landon visited his first pumpkin patch and most definitely wasn’t a fan.

Landon turned 6 months old this month and really started rolling around!

We went to the Gonzales ‘Come and Take It’ festival and had a blast.

baby's first halloween

Landon’s first Halloween! He was the cutest pumpkin I’ve ever seen.


My nephew turned O-N-E!

family thanksgiving

Landon’s first Thanksgiving! We had two celebrations and soaked up tons of family time.


baby with santa

Landon met Santa Claus!

I flew solo with a baby for the first time.

I also was without my son for over two weeks this month and it *almost* broke my heart.

Cory and I met up with Karla & Charlie for the second time – and they got to meet Landon!

I flew in a tiny, crop-duster plane for the first time ever…and quite possibly the last time ever.

IT SNOWED in Texas!

Cramer Christmas

Our sweet boy’s first Christmas.

This year truly was miraculous, to say the least, but it was also so very hard. Having a baby has been the most amazing and rewarding experiences of my life and I am absolutely overjoyed to be Landon’s mother. But having a baby has also been the hardest thing I’ve ever done! The first four months of Landon’s life were HARD. Struggling to figure out this “motherhood” thing, Landon was diagnosed with silent reflux, he had his very first ER visit when he was 5 days old, and we went through a super long and frustrating journey to finally land on a formula that would work for his very sensitive stomach. There truly are no words to describe it, but I am oh so thankful that he is now a very happy, healthy, giggly baby boy. We are enjoying every moment with him and wouldn’t trade a single day for anything! Here’s to the closing of our son’s birth year and to a very joyous 2018!

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