We’re 33 weeks into this pregnancy, and all my mama heart wants is to hold this sweet boy in my arms! I know, I know – he needs to reach full-term, it’ll be here before I know it, etc. etc. Logically, I get it. But my hormones and emotions just want him here NOW. Also, patience (in general) is something I struggle with – so that definitely doesn’t help! But, being 33 weeks pregnant, this sweet boy is all I think about! I eat, sleep, breathe baby – planning, picturing our family together, what’s still left to do…all the things!

Baby Size
I don’t get regular “measurements” from my OB, but this week, our sweet boy is apparently the size of a ferret. Ha! But he’s definitely hit a growth spurt and I’m for sure feeling it this week. Still hoping to NOT have a 12lb newborn baby…we’ll get measurements in a few weeks!

Picante sauce. I have no idea where this came from, but lately, I want to pour the stuff all over EVERYTHING. What the what?!

Anything and everything deep-fried or greasy. I just can’t – no burgers, most fries, etc. No thanks. Give me all the sandwiches, instead! Subway and Thundercloud have been my besties lately.

Heartburn has hit me with a vengeance. And not even just at night anymore. This sweet boy better be born with a head full of hair! Other than that, just feeling large and in charge. And yes, I know I still have several more weeks to go!

Our little guy loves to move around, especially in the evenings. I actually SAW him moving this week, which was so cool and totally creepy at the same time haha!

What I Miss Most
Nothing! I’m enjoying carrying this baby and honestly don’t miss anything from before I was pregnant.

What’s Happening This Week
I registered our son for daycare this week! Talk about surreal…

What I’m Looking Forward To
A low-key weekend to rest, relax, and NEST! Putting laundry away and just getting more organized are top priority this week. We’ll see how that goes…

Basically, I’m in full-blown “give me my baby” mode. Ha! I just keep picturing doing all the things with him and I’m so excited. It’s probably just me being naïve and a first-time mom-to-be, but I’m over the moon excited and cannot wait to hold him in my arms! Only 45 days until my due date!