4th of july weekend

July 7, 2015 in family, holiday, movies

This year’s 4th of July celebration was unlike any other, and I’m so, so thankful! It was the best yet and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

I was off from work on Friday, July 3rd and seriously enjoyed sleeping in. And by that, I mean that I slept until noon! Easily. And the reason I woke up? Cory called. Ha! If it weren’t for that phone call, who knows how long I would’ve snoozed away. But, I’d happily wake up to a call from him any day ;). And, I was having seriously weird/creepy dreams and wasn’t mad about ending those at all. The rest of the day basically consisted of hanging around the house with my mom and brother, helping mom with some signs, running a few errands, and doing some reading. The perfect day off if you ask me!

Saturday was filled with St. John Picnic fun! Our small-town church (which is SMALL) hosts its annual picnic on July 4th every year, for the past 127 years. And over those years, the picnic has grown tremendously! Our small congregation of maybe 100 people really knows how to celebrate, and make that celebration AMERICA, and we are always looking to improve. This year, we sold over 4,000 lunch plates! The sauerkraut was the best part, in my opinion, but the stew and fried chicken were also delicious. The food was good, drinks were cold, the live bands were excellent, and there were plenty of games and activities for everyone! There is always plenty of ways to spend money, including a live auction, a cake walk, ring toss, and inflatables for the kids.

My family and I work the meal tickets every year, so I did that until the early afternoon, then went home to take a shower and change, and then headed back with Cory for the evening when it wasn’t quite so hot. We enjoyed good company, laughed a lot, ate burgers, and then enjoyed a 30 minute fireworks show! It was overall a really good day and was much needed. There’s also something romantic about watching a firework show with your man. I was pretty much on cloud nine.

Sunday we slept in a bit and then headed out to pick up my aunt and cousin to go to Austin for Magic Mike XXL! We made it a family affair with ten of us going – such a fun time!

The movie was really good, in my opinion. I had heard mixed reviews about it, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. It definitely has more of a story line than the first movie, and it’s not all about the “dancing”. Don’t get me wrong, it’s in there for sure, but it’s not just two hours of that in your face. I also think it was just produced much better than the first one was. Anyway, out of the ten of us, not one person disliked it, so that’s saying something I guess!

We ended the night (and weekend) by watching the USA women’s soccer team run all over Japan in the finals, clutching the win at 5-2! The game was basically won within the first 17 minutes of the game, but it was fun to watch and I’m kind of glad it wasn’t a close game the entire time. We could relax about the lead and just enjoy the rest of the game. Those girls played hard and deserved that world win!

2015 FIFA Women

Overall, the weekend was a busy one for me, but a great one! Monday pretty much had me in a headlock all day yesterday, which is also why my recap is coming to you on a Tuesday. #sorrynotsorry.

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