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November 7, 2016 in life lately, life lessons, love

Holy wow. Time flies when you’re having fun stressed.

So much has happened in the past almost three months since I last visited this space. And honestly, I didn’t have the want or drive or passion to write. About anything. So I didn’t. I didn’t force it or try to be witty. I didn’t turn to this space because it wouldn’t have helped me. So it’s been quiet around here, and I’m not sorry about that. It’s what I needed and where I was in that phase of my life. But here’s the lowdown on what went down these past few months. Some highs and some lows, and a whole lot of LIFE.

The middle and end of August were HARD. Cory was diagnosed with cellulitis and had a hospital stay to boot. They couldn’t get the swelling to go down enough and to this day, he still struggles with it sometimes. But thankfully, the infection is out of his leg! Thank God! It was a difficult time with him healing and being out of work, me missing work, us missing out on income, and so much more. Functioning was difficult most days, to be honest. The stress was at an all-time high and the only thing I could do was come home after an exhausted day either being worried with him in the hospital or at work trying to catch up and stay on top of my duties and shower, eat (maybe), and lay in bed watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns. My brain couldn’t even function to watch new television shows. I just couldn’t. Like I said, it was rough. And it’s a time I don’t particularly enjoy thinking about. There were some dark, dark days.

On a happy note, though, Cory and I GOT MARRIED on October 1, 2016! We’re over a month in and are doing great. 🙂 I am so unbelievably blessed to be his wife and to live this life with him by my side. It happened quick, yes, but it was perfect. I got to marry my best friend! We still don’t have wedding pictures yet (nope, not a single one!), but when I get them back, you better believe I’ll be sharing them!

We also received some shocking and exciting news – WE’RE PREGNANT! Well, I am. Cory’s not. Obviously. But we are parents-to-be and I’ve felt all the emotions since we found out!

I’ll be posting all the things about the pregnancy this far (how we found out, how it’s progressing, my fears, etc.) and probably be super annoying. #sorrynotsorry. You’ve been warned!

So, we’ve been navigating this new life and trying to figure it all out along the way. It’s been rough, but we’re happy and are looking forward to this next chapter of our lives. Yes, even with the fears and stress and unknowns. It’s scary, but it’s here. It’s happening and I’m going to be a mom! Holy wow. Some days, it’s still so surreal!

That’s life lately. So much happening in so little time! The good, the bad, and the ugly. And we just keep moving forward. Together.

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