Another Monday

January 11, 2016 in life lately

Today, I don’t have any real words of wisdom or nuggets of truth. I don’t feel particularly wordy or inspirational. And if I’m being completely honest, I’m dreading this day and the fact that it brings with it another long work week. 

There’s just something about the time period after Christmas and before Valentine’s Day that leaves me feeling a little extra uninspired and lazy. And if lacking in creative juices wasn’t bad enough before (because let’s face it, I’m not the most creative or thought-provoking person on the planet), it’s even worse this time of year. It’s just tough to get going and even get thoughts put together – ha! All i really want to do is snuggle up with some puppies and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy or the newest craze on Netflix. (just being real) 
So with that, I’m hoping that today goes a little easier on us and allows us a chance to fall into the week a little slower than normal, one cup of caffeine at a time. 
(You don’t even want to know how many grammatical errors I had to fix when proofreading this post…*sigh*.) 
Here’s to another Monday
How are you handling today and the start of another week? 

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