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April 28, 2015 in books, faith

This month was the beginning of a beautiful thing. You see, I love to read. And when I say love, I mean that I go all fangirl on books and fall in love with the characters and most oftentimes cry when they cry and laugh when they laugh. I am that girl that gets utterly distraught when a book ends before I was really ready for it to end, and I miss characters. That’s right, I said it. #sorrynotsorry

I get attached to things and people in real life, so just imagine how I am with imaginary characters and plots. It’s a love/love/LOVE relationship. Just sayin’. 🙂 Lately, though, I’ve found that I’m not reading as often as I’d like. I’m not getting through tons and tons of books and it’s breaking my bookish heart. For real. So, to change that, I’m starting to hold myself more accountable (with your help!) by posting my monthly reads. I’m also pretty much always looking for recommendations, so there’s that, too. So without further adieu, my April reads.

by Jenny Lee Sulpizio
This book spoke straight to my heart and found itself a lovely little home. It will forever be my go-to choice for bringing my faith back to the basics. And I mean basics. I was looking for something to really hone in on the key elements of my faith, and this was the perfect purchase. This is a book that you can fly through pretty quickly for a refresher or spend weeks and weeks on in really sitting with each topic and praying over it, working it out and how your journey applies to it. I also absolutely love for each section, Jenny provides “Prescriptions for Praise” and gives book suggestions, scripture verses, and songs for every.single.topic. Whoa. Talk about resourceful! I chose at least one book in each section to read up on. I’m talking books on forgiveness, prayer, the Bible, grace, etc. It’s seriously amazing. My book is absolutely and completely highlighted, notated, and is exploding with colorful post-its. Hesitant about your faith? Don’t know where to start? Unsure of the “What next?”? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Pick it up. You won’t be sorry. 
by Karen Kingsbury
This book has been on my TBR (to be read) list for quite some time and I finally plunged into all if its emotions (because let’s face it, there are tons and tons and tons). I put it off for so long for that specific reason – I knew it was going to be sad and that I would feel all the feels. And boy was I right. This book is about the terrorist attacks of 9/11 at the World Trade Center in NYC. It follows the journey of two families who had loved ones in the South tower when it collapsed. Their faith is an integral part of the story and I loved it so much. I won’t include spoilers for you, but it’s sad. Karen Kingsbury did an impeccable job of telling these families’ stories. The vivid details of the events in the tower when they knew it was going down was absolutely heartbreaking because it was oh so real. Please, please don’t read this book without a box of Kleenex nearby! But please read it. If you remember that tragic day, it’s an absolute must-read. 
by Karen Kingsbury
I purchased this book as a two-in-one with the first one, so I naturally progressed into Karen Kingsbury’s second novel in her 9/11 series. It continues with the story of the two families in her first book and how their journeys are forever changed by the attacks on NYC. Again, I won’t post any spoilers, but if you’ve already taken the giant leap to read the first novel, the second one is an absolute MUST! Seriously, please don’t leave this one out thinking you were too emotional after the first read. It’s a perfect continuation on the first novel and the journey of life after loss, especially one so profound as this one. Another tearjerker though, so Kleenex are highly recommended, once again. 

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  • Meagan April 28, 2015 at 6:05 pm

    Absolutely getting that first book – I've been waiting for something like this! Thank you 🙂

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