August Book Review

September 6, 2017 in books

book review

I’ve been keeping up with my reading lately and am excited for my August book review! The past few weeks have kind of gotten away from me with the flooding and Landon being super sick, but I’m finally getting around to recapping these joyous reads. Let’s get started!

August Book Review

jennifer probst

First up was the final book in the Billionaire Builders series, and I was seriously excited to finally find out what all the history was between Tristan and Sydney. All or Nothing At All honestly left me a little underwhelmed and kind of angry. ****spoiler alert**** The first half of this book gets an EASY five stars, but the second half left a bad taste in my mouth. What Tristan did upon discovering the truth from Sydney shocked me and made me hate him. His coldness and dominance over Sydney did not impress me in the least and I hated it for her. Ugh. I gave this one three stars, but thinking back, I probably should’ve only done two.

mary kay andrews

After finishing another series, I wanted something lighthearted and a stand alone read. Spring Fever did not disappoint in this area! The beginning kind of dragged on and left me wanting to walk away from the book altogether, but I didn’t and I’m so glad I stuck it out! Once the flashbacks stopped and we got to the present day shenanigans, the book picked up and I found myself not able to put it down! Even though some parts were predictable, I just couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen and exactly HOW. There’s a lot of humor and wit in this one, and I loved it. Four stars!

elle casey

I found myself reaching for another series after the last read, and coming off of such a great one about New Orleans, Louisiana, I was drawn to The Bourbon Street Boys series by Elle Casey. Wrong Number, Right Guy was fabulous! From page one, I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. A stubborn woman caught in the middle of a shootout wearing espadrilles and toting a chihuahua in her purse couldn’t be more perfect to start this one off! It was filled with so much humor and I laughed out loud several times. However, this one had just the right amount of seriousness and mystery thrown in. Loved it – five stars!

elle casey

After the first book was a knockout, I was excited to jump into the next one. Wrong Place, Right Time was a beautiful continuation of the Bourbon Street Boys, but I didn’t enjoy it as much as the first book. It didn’t have as much hilarity, and I found myself shying away from the way Ozzie is portrayed after loving him so much in the first book. However, I still liked this one a lot! I loved Jenny and Dev’s story, and it unfolded nicely. I wasn’t exactly keen on how it started, though, but I liked it nonetheless – I grew to love them together! Four stars.

I’m hoping to continue my reading rhythm clear into September and enjoy some nice, fall reads! Any suggestions??

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