This past weekend was one I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, as it was our first Austin Bloggers meetup! It was also the first time I met another blogger in person (much less, FIVE!).

So, Allison and Jenn coordinated a blogger meetup for us Austin bloggers this past Saturday. Umm, fun! I was completely on board and was excited for Saturday to roll around. And then it did, and…panic ensued.

I only knew ONE PERSON that was committed to going (Allison), and I didn’t have her number or anything. I only had the location and time to meet up. Well, when I got there, it was a big bag of fail, to say the least. The restaurant was crowded, and I didn’t recognize Allison at all. I took to her Instagram and there was nothing. But alas, she posted that plans had changed and they were meeting a Blackfinn instead, right across the way. Okay, moving on…I walked over and again, tried to locate said group of Austin bloggers. Epic fail. Apparently there was another blogger at the hostess stand (Holly) who said we were probably looking for the same people. So, we introduced ourselves and wandered around the place trying to see someone we recognized. She didn’t know Allison, and I didn’t know Lani (her invite). We must have looked pretty lost at this point, because all of a sudden, Tisa walked up and asked if we were bloggers. Bless her heart! We were saved (ha!). We said our hello’s and were seated with our fellow bloggers.

Introductions were made, laughs were shared, and stories were told. It was so much fun!

Austin bloggers
Jenn | Allison | Tisa | Lani | me | Holly

 It was interesting because I was the youngest one there, and the rest of them were moms and trying-to-be moms. And they were all super crafty, as in, owning cricuts and having Etsy shops crafty. Not this girl! Their stories were interesting, though, and the two babies that were there (Lani’s and Jenn’s) were absolutely adorable and pretty much stole the spotlight. They were also all happily married and talked about their amazing husbands and date nights…and I talked about my divorce and post-divorce dating life. Super. Although it was weird, they all made me feel welcome and at ease. They were super supportive and laughed along with me, which was great.

And the food at this place was FABULOUS! Lani and I had the BBQ pulled pork quesadillas, and they were simply amazing! Blogger fail…I didn’t get a picture. I was enjoying the company too much and was way too hungry to think about a possible picture. Oh well! But here’s a picture anyway, because they’re just that goood!

BBQ pork quesadilla
I even ate the coleslaw, which I would normally NEVER touch. It was alright…for coleslaw ;). Other dishes included the spinach artichoke dip, mac & cheese with blackened chicken, and a few salads. Overall, we had a great time getting together and hanging out! We did make sure to get a picture of all of us while we were there, and being the bloggers that we are, we all noted the natural lighting in the entryway that would allow for a good picture :). #bloggerwin! I’m looking forward to our next meetup soon!