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February 24, 2017 in LandonErwin

Our sweet boy has a name!

He’s actually had one for quite a while now – basically since we found out we were having a BOY back when I was about 14 weeks pregnant. However, I tried super hard to keep it a secret because I really wanted to tell my parents in person. Living over 1100 miles away, they found out I was pregnant and the gender of our boy by telephone, so I wanted something to share with them in person and to physically be part of in this new journey.

I was planning a trip home for Thanksgiving (thanks to my amazing parents) and couldn’t have been more excited to see them and share the baby name news with them! My parents and sister picked me up in Houston at the airport, and we drove straight to my brother and his wife’s house so that I could meet my nephew for the first time. I was in baby heaven. Y’all, that sweet boy! Best.Nephew.Ever. But I digress. As I was holding and cooing over the newest addition to our family, the baby name came up – “Well, are you going to tell us what his name is?” And so I did, with my immediate family all present, I announced that Cory and I had decided on a name for our son.

Landon Erwin Cramer

And tears were shed.

Let me explain. Because there’s meaning in our sweet boy’s name.

Landon is a name that Cory has really liked since forever. We’ve always talked about our aspirations to become parents some day, and so we threw names around randomly, just for fun. He always, always came back to Landon. And when we found out we were having a boy, we tried a few different first names on for size, but again, we both always came back to Landon. It was just meant to be – our firstborn and our son was destined to be named Landon. And I love it. I am absolutely obsessed with his name and cannot wait to put a face to it soon!

Erwin was my grandfather’s first name. He’s the only grandpa I’ve ever known, as my mom’s dad passed away when she was little and I never met him. But Erwin was the best grandpa I could’ve asked for and was just always there in so many ways. His laugh and huge heart are just a few things that I hold on to when I remember him. He lost his battle with cancer back in 2013, and I cannot believe that it’s been over 3 years that he’s been gone. But I remember him often. I’m not going to get into all of the amazing details about him (let’s face it, I could go on for forever), but I’ve written posts about him before – to read them and find out more about how amazing this man was, go here. I honestly never thought too much about what I would want to name my future kids someday, and I never imagined wanting to really name them after someone else. Once we settled on “Landon” for our son’s first name, we started throwing out some options for a middle name. And nothing really stood out to me at first – nothing seemed to “fit” right. Cory and I were texting back and forth with different options, and then it hit me about possibly using “Erwin” after my grandpa. Before I got my heart set on it, I texted it to Cory. His response: “I like that one!” And my hormonal self was in tears. I called him immediately and asked if he was sure. And then I explained where the name came from, and it was settled. Our son’s middle name would be “Erwin”, named after my grandfather (hence the tears when I announced it to my family – they weren’t expecting it, and that’s also a huge reason I wanted to tell them in person. I wanted needed that moment with them).

And that was that. Our son had a name: Landon Erwin Cramer. It’s not traditional; it’s unique; but it’s not super awkward, either. It’s our son. And I cannot wait to tell him all the stories of the man he’s named after.

It’s been so amazing to really bond with him by using his name instead of just “baby” or “peanut”, as we initially called our sweet babe before knowing the gender. Below is the latest picture we have of him, and I’m so anxious to see him again soon in a few weeks! It’s not the best picture, but it’s our sweet boy’s face and arms! I already want to just pinch his precious cheeks!

Landon Erwin Cramer, you are oh so loved already by so many people. I pray that you continue to grow big and strong and make your arrival into the world safely. Mommy and daddy love you!

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