Bad News Bears

April 8, 2016 in faith

Today, my heart is heavy. There is bad news everywhere, and I deal with it on a daily basis at my job (crime victim services) so I know. I literally read about it multiple times on a daily basis. But today, it’s harder.

They found the suspect in the UT student’s homicide earlier this week. That poor girl. Her poor parents. I was stunned hearing the news, and so close to home! I used to walk right by that creek all.the.time. And apparently she was “brutally murdered”, but the police refuse to elaborate. I can’t even imagine what was going through her mind Sunday night. I can only hope and pray that her family and friends find comfort in the tragic loss of their loved one.

There was also an active shooter situation in San Antonio this morning. Murder-suicide. An airman shot his commander and then himself, and it’s still under investigation. My heart aches for the military personnel and families of those affected. It’s just so, so sad.

I also follow “Mighty Ivy” on Facebook – it’s a cause and I couldn’t link to it for some reason, but you should look it up! Ivy is a twin, is 2 years old, she’s on day 25 or 26 in the ICU (her mom lost count) and is septic. Her mom is also struggling keeping it together and fighting for her girl day in and day out, especially with hospital staff not totally understanding and doing the best things for the patient. I can’t even imagine the pain and heartache Ivy’s family is experiencing right now. She talked just recently about this being their living hell and my heart just broke.

Like I said, I’m well aware that there is bad in the world and that it happens every day, but today it’s just been more “in my face” than normal and it’s really sitting with me. I just can’t shake it. But I’m taking it as a reminder to pray for the world and for those that are suffering. Because in the end, that’s all I can do – it’s all I’ve got. So today, I’m praying something fierce.

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