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Thankful Thursday
I’m thankful for technology. I upgraded my phone last week and can now FaceTime my long distance boyfriend! I really didn’t know what I was missing out on until I’ve been able to see his face every day this week. It’s so much better than just a picture, really. I’m thankful that I am able to connect with him even though we can’t see each other during the week. Thanks, Apple! 
I’m thankful for cold weather. Call me crazy, but I’m seriously loving the stuff! In Texas, ‘cold’ means in the 40s, and it’s 37 this morning! (with a high of 63). When it’s hot as heck most of the year, I really relish in the time when it’s not. I know most Texans are complaining and ready for warmer days, but not this girl! 
I’m thankful for my family. This one is always a given, but I really try to never let it go unsaid. My family is everything to me, and without them, I’d be lost and without a clue, without direction and light. I’m thankful that we’re so close and can count on each other no matter what, day or night. So many families out there don’t have that, and it reminds me to hold my family close through all of life’s adventures. 
I’m thankful for DVRs. Seriously, where would I be without it?! It’s something I don’t even want to think about…I’m a TV addict – a junkie really. And being able to record all of my favorite shows and watch them whenever I want just warms my heart right up! It’s amazing and something I pray to never have to be without. 
I’m thankful for hard conversations. Lately, I’ve had to have many difficult conversations with different people (all loved ones) and they weren’t the most fun things ever, let me tell you. They were hard, and my anxiety was through the roof just trying to bring them up. But, on the other side of them now, I’m thankful for them. They push me outside of my comfort zone and sometimes make me have to ask for what I want. It’s unnerving not knowing how someone will react to news or answer a difficult question, but you’ll never know unless you ask. 
I’m thankful for blogging inspiration. I’m not just talking about inspiration that strikes me to draft a post or two (although I’m thankful for that, too), but mostly I’m talking about the posts that just hit home. The posts that remind me I’m not alone in my non-perfect world, with doubts and fears and overwhelming to-do lists. Amber recently posted about needing stops in our lives and it struck a chord deep inside me. Just, yes. And Elizabeth hit a nerve with me when she posted about being overwhelmed by her monthly goals. These girls never disappoint. 
I’m thankful for change. Although change can be difficult to adjust to, it’s necessary. Life would be dull and stagnant without it. And I have quite a bit of change coming my way very soon – change that I couldn’t be more excited about and never saw coming! 
What are you thankful for this week?