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March 16, 2016 in television

Well, it’s finally over. This long, drawn out season of The Bachelor has finally come to an end and I couldn’t be happier! For a few reasons…

First, I keep saying “finally” because I was seriously ready for all of the drama and anticipation and most dramatic rose ceremony yet to just be done. Not that I didn’t love Ben’s season, it’s just that I was really ready for “Mr. Unlovable” to finally find love and move on with his life! I don’t know…maybe it’s because of the girls this season – I didn’t really love too many of them. I was sad to see Becca go, and I love, love, loved Jojo. But I digress.

Second, I’m so happy that Ben found love and is super happy. That’s right, “Mr. Unlovable” no more! Way to go, Ben. I pray that y’all make it work and end up together!

So, now that I’ve got all of that out of the way, let’s recap THE FINALE!
*WARNING: spoilers ahead*

the bachelor

This season’s finale was MUCH different from past years. I genuinely believe that Ben was torn between both Jojo and Lauren B. Usually, it’s pretty clear that the bachelor knows who he’s going to pick, and the finale is them just describing each girl and their relationship. However, Ben was still trying to figure it out. I mean, he told two women that he loved them! That just doesn’t happen on The Bachelor!! Seriously. I really felt Ben’s passion and love for both women.

Ben and Lauren B. have had chemistry and a special connection basically since day one. He was just always attracted to her and it seemed easy – it seemed natural. They never had to try super hard to act like they were happy. They just clicked from the beginning. Lauren is so sweet and easy going, and I think Ben was drawn to that. However, in the end, he questioned whether it really was “too good to be true”. Ben and Lauren didn’t work through any “life” things and he wasn’t sure how she would handle that – how they would handle that together.

Ben and Jojo’s relationship was a little slower-moving in the beginning. Jojo had a lot of hurt and fear to work through early on from things that happened in her past. But week after week, she truly started opening up to Ben and really started trusting him completely. Needless to say, she definitely caught up to his and Lauren’s relationship. Throughout their time together, Ben and Jojo had to deal with some harder things (i.e. Jojo’s ex-boyfriend and brothers). And through all of that, they still considered each other best friends. He knew they grew stronger through the hard days.

the bachelor

Meeting Ben’s Parents

Lauren was first up to meet the parents, and I definitely questioned her outfit choice….but that’s neither here nor there. She showed up with a GIANT vase of flowers and a bottle of wine – so sweet! She was very polished and put-together, and she made sure to let Ben’s mom and dad know that she really loved him. And they seemed to believe her and there was no drama and it was like “ok”.

Moving on. Jojo was next to meet his parents, and they LOVED her! His mom was really different with her and even told Ben that “today was different”. She loved that they thought of each other as best friends and that Jojo was a calming force for Ben, because apparently he gets passionate an worked up over things.

His parents liked both girls and Ben got no clarity from them. They basically told Ben the same thing he already knew – that they could see him with either girl and that he needed to follow his heart and make the best decision he could for himself. Sorry Ben, no parental guidance on this one!

Final Dates
Lauren’s last date was lounging on a catamaran with Ben in Jamaican waters. But she knew something was wrong – she could tell he wasn’t being himself and that he was struggling. So she just held him close and put her head on his shoulder, and they laid there. And although it wasn’t a super fancy date, it was sweet and romantic and probably just what each other needed. To just be in each other’s arms – in each other’s presence. They headed to the beach for a little while and sat on a blanket to do more of the same. Later that night, Lauren really struggled saying goodbye to Ben. I would too if the man I loved was walking away possibly to never say he loved me again! Ugh. #reasonsiwouldneverbeonthebachelor

Jojo and Ben headed out to a private waterfall with super blue, gorgeous water. They took a rope swing and spent some time together in the water. When they got out, Jojo got straight to the point and asked Ben what he was thinking. She could tell he had a lot on his mind. And he told her! He said that he was confused and that his mind was going a hundred different directions, which left Jojo questioning their relationship for the first time. The evening portion of the date ended in the bathroom and the viewers reading captions of the conversation. Jojo flat out said, “But you love her too. Am I right?” To which Ben responded, “Yes.” Ouch! My heart was absolutely breaking for Jojo. That’s a LOT to deal with!

The Final Rose
It showed the girls getting ready and loading into a helicopter (each in separate ones of course) and then we waited in anticipation for the owner of the foot that was stepping out of the helicopter first. And my heart sank. It was Jojo. Even though I knew Ben picked Lauren in the end (thanks to an individual that let it slip on more than one occasion after I asked her not to tell me…) I still felt really bad for Jojo. She seemed to have worked through SO MUCH during her journey there and just wanted to stop competing with other women. She walked up to Ben, said some really sweet words, and Ben responded that he found love with Jojo, but he loved someone else more. Poor girl!!! She was completely blindsided and heartbroken and I just wanted to give her a margarita to drown her sorrows.

Ben told her goodbye and seemed to genuinely be upset about losing her. But then he proceeded to call Lauren’s dad on the phone to ask for his daughters’ hand in marriage, and of course he said yes! Ben did a cute jump and fist pump in the air and was all smiles as Lauren walked down towards him. They shared some sweet words and Ben finally got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! Homegirl was acting a little shocked, but she knew it all along. She of course said yes and they continued to hug and kiss and say “I love you” about five billion times. Sweet, sweet love. They really do make a cute couple and seem to truly be in love!

Congratulations Ben and Lauren! I hope their love continues to grow and that they truly find happiness with each other. On After the Final Rose, they beamed at each other and Lauren told the world that she would be moving to Denver within the next few weeks to be with Ben after so much secrecy and hiding. They really did look SO IN LOVE! I’m happy for them. Truly.

But before we saw Ben and Lauren as a couple for the first time post-show, Chris Harrison announced the next Bachelorette….

Jojo Fletcher! 

I was pretty much on cloud nine at this point because I LOVE ME SOME JOJO! She’s so easy to love (watching her on tv anyway), and I was really rooting for her in the end. So the fact that she is now going to get her own quest to find love and 25(ish) men with eyes on her – something tells me she’s going to have the time of her life! You go, girl. You deserve it!

So, that’s that. Ben’s journey to find love is over. Him and Lauren are super happy together, and we’re all gearing up to watch Jojo find love in May!

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