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October 1, 2015 in birthday

Y’all, it’s my birthday month! FINALLY!

I’m really looking forward to all things fall: decorations, weather, outfits…you name it, I’m ready for it! What I’m most excited for (besides cooler temps) is my birthday! It’s in less than two weeks and for some reason, I’m pumped for my birthday this year! Usually, it’s just another day that I don’t really feel like celebrating, but it feels different this year. So, I’m hoping it IS different. I guess we’ll see soon enough!

And with it coming up so soon, I compiled a birthday wish list! How could I not? 😉 It’s just a list of things I’ve had my eye on and wouldn’t mind being surprised with…

This camera strap is to die for! I’m in desperate need of a new one, as I’m still using the one that came with my camera – it’s uncomfortable and kinda itchy! It’s time for something better and a little more stylish ;). 
I absolutely love all things writing and notebooks and pens. It’s an obsession, really. With that being said, I’ve had my eye on that hand-painted cow moleskine for a while now! It’s no secret that I’m a country girl (at heart and in life most days), and I’d love to get my hands on a cow journal! It’s the absolute cutest and would be an amazing addition to my obscene collection. An added bonus is that it was made by one of my FAVORITE bloggers! She recently opened her Etsy shop and is killin’ it. 

I’ve been lusting after a simple, “b” initial necklace and just haven’t pulled the trigger on getting one. I’d love this one! It comes in a longer chain option which is just perfection. I love that I could literally wear this every single day and not get tired of it. It’s simple and can be worn with just about anything.

Since I’ve been getting more and more involved in my photography, I’ve found myself wanting to just get out and go do some impromptu photo shoots! Which means I want to take my camera everywhere! Well, I don’t want to lug around my huge case all the time (or ever, really, if I’m being honest) and this adorable case is the perfect solution! It’s simple yet fashionable and sturdy – and it’d definitely get the job done!

Last, but certainly not least, I’d just love these Kendra Scott earrings! These sparkly studs would be a fabulous addition to my currently nonexistent collection of all things Kendra Scott :). But seriously, I love the shape of these earrings! They’re totally unique but not so “outside the box”. I imagine myself going to them time and time again, outfit after outfit. And, once again, these can be worn with pretty much any outfit, day or night, casual or classy. A win-win!

There you have it! My birthday wish list! And if all else fails, don’t worry. I accept cash too! Or gift cards – I’m partial to gift cards. 🙂 And if you need my address, just contact me and I’ll shoot it to ya in a flash! *I’m kidding, partially. ;)*

What’s on your wish list? 

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  • Mrs. Pepper October 1, 2015 at 8:02 am

    Happy birthday month! I hope you get at least a few things on your wish list.


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