#briannaleigh2015 {Week Nine}

March 6, 2015 in #briannaleigh2015
Day 58: First fill-up, and I didn’t screw it up! Remembered to put in diesel and all is right in the world. LOVE my car! #stillinawe #newcar
Day 59: It doesn’t matter what we’re doing, every minute with this guy is a blast and a blessing! 
Day 60: My guys! I’m obviously outnumbered… #bigdogs #theyarepuppies
Day 61: Tonight’s sister night definitely didn’t disappoint! I’m loving the time with such an important and amazing person in my life and all the fun we’re having. Life is crazy and completely unexpected, but it’s much more enjoyable and easier to take with my sister by my side! And I have this new pillow to show for tonight’s shenanigans. And mayyybe a few other “essentials”. 
Day 62: Purple for days. #dinnerforone
Day 63: I’m so guilty of beating myself up for my shortcomings and failures. But I must constantly remind myself that I have been granted eternal salvation! So sweet and so free. God is forever extending His mercy and grace as we falter through this worldly life. I am forgiven. Time and time again. #GodsGirl #blfaith
Day 64: This is what a “snow day” looks like in Texas! Offices were closed and I enjoyed the day sleeping in and being productive around the house. #nofilter
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  • Allison @ Texas Mrs. March 6, 2015 at 10:47 am

    That quote by Rick Warren is a good one. I find that I constantly beat myself up over things that God has already forgiven me for – it's so hard!

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