It’s been a very LONG and busy week adjusting to life anew. But I’m loving every second!

Day 65: You know you’re moving when your place looks like this. Everywhere. Ready for new beginnings! #movingon 
Day 66: Moving day! So, so thankful for my family and an amazing boyfriend for all of their help today. It’s a new beginning and I’m so excited! 
Day 67: Done moving! Adios Austin. After 8 years, it’s bittersweet, but I’m ready for NEW. #lethergo
Day 68: Loaded baked potato, wine, my sister, and The Bachelor! Perfect Monday! #sisternight
Day 69: My commute is beautiful! 
Day 70: Ten years ago today. That terrible day shattered me at my core and I never thought I’d be able to move past it. This day was also pivotal in my faith journey, as I truly began having a real relationship with the Lord. Although I beat myself up for those tragic events, the Lord spared our lives completely and absolutely! But reliving it today hurts. 
Day 71: It’s been the longest day. But my new afternoon drive has proven to be good for me. I think, I sing loudly and very off key, I soak up 75 degree sunshine, and I reflect on life. #commuter

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