Day 191: My day. Blog work, catching up on my DVR shows, enjoying some much needed and overdue “me time”. Seriously perfection. 

Day 192: Soaking up the dog days of summer! Love this guy. 

Day 193: This guy is always teaching me things, from fixing fences to loving beyond my depths. But the moral of the story is always the same: practice. Practice makes perfect, and whether it’s loving him despite my fears, driving his huge truck, or making a new home for a mama and baby horse, I must continue to practice these skills. #thisguy #morethanaframe 

Day 194: Ice cream, wine, and The Bachelorette. Monday night win! #ihateNick

Day 195: Words to live by! 

Day 196: My entire day. At least it’s comfortable! #beingsicksucks

Day 197: It’s my Friday! The sun is shining, I get to surprise Cory tonight, my nails look fab, and I updated my budget to learn I’m not completely broke. (just mostly). #winning 

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