#briannaleigh2015 {weeks fifty-one & fifty-two}

December 30, 2015 in #briannaleigh2015
Although I didn’t mean to fall off the face of the earth for over a week, life has been happening all around me in all its glory and pain. Reminiscing over these past few weeks has been truly amazing, and I’m so thankful I’ve captured 2015 on the daily. 

Day 345: A little bit of beauty from West Virginia! Seriously a gorgeous state.

Day 346: Road trips are ruff! 

Day 347: Welcomed back into Texas with such gorgeous skies! There’s just nothing quite like it.

Day 348: And another. Because GORGEOUS! 

Day 349: Road trips with this guy are seriously the best! Traveling with your best friend is an absolute blessing and my cup overfloweth. Still reminiscing! 

Day 350: These girls help make it through the toughest days and are the source of so much laughter! 

Day 351: Work days are much brighter with this girl! So thankful she journeyed over to us this year and for her true friendship.

Day 352: This girl will be truly missed! My days won’t be the same without her – but I wish her well in her next venture as she leaves us. 

Day 353: Today marks ONE YEAR that I’ve been blessed with this man and his love! Through this year’s ups and downs, he’s been my rock and my biggest supporter. I seriously couldn’t have dreamt of a better partner to do life with and am oh so lucky he’s mine. Praying for many more years of love and happiness! 

Day 354: 14 weeks old today and already a chair hog! But she’s the cuddliest and sweetest girl around. 

Day 355: Loving everything Christmassy right about now! 

Day 356: Photo editing and Wizard of Oz. yes, yes, yes. Oh, and the a/c on blast because Texas.

Day 357: Puppy cuddles! 

Day 358: So.much.glitter! Merry Christmas Eve! 

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