Day 331: Mexican Train with some of my favorite people is the perfect way to sum up two days’ worth of celebrating Thanksgiving! 
Day 332: The perfect dessert for cold weather outings! 
Day 333: Rudolph! Seriously cute musical. 
Day 334: What do people do without a sister? Honestly. 

Day 335: Oh so true! I’m blessed to share big and little moments with the most amazing loved ones. And I’m ever so grateful. 

Day 336: Current status: laid up with a killer migraine, Grey’s on low, and overgramming. #sorrynotsorry

Day 337: Such a classic! It never gets old. 

Day 338: Sunrise from the plane. Good morning, world! 

Day 339: A full day with this guy on a mountain is oh so perfect in my book! So thankful to be here with him. 

Day 340: New York City in all its glory. Absolutely breathtaking! 

Day 341: Loving NYC!! Maybe a little too much? 

Day 342: Christmas movies, puppy cuddles, hot chocolate, and relaxing by the tree. A pretty perfect evening to continue this vacation! 

Day 343: Pennsylvania holiday lights on the lake! 

Day 344: My little reindeer! She seriously melts my heart.

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