A Hard Day

May 23, 2016 in faith

Today’s a hard day. We’re still not really “settled” here in South Carolina and we keep getting knocked down just when we think we’ve gotten through the low points. Today is just harder than others have been and I’m feeling…

Bad News Bears

April 8, 2016 in faith

Today, my heart is heavy. There is bad news everywhere, and I deal with it on a daily basis at my job (crime victim services) so I know. I literally read about it multiple times on a daily basis. But…

When Praying Gets Hard

January 25, 2016 in faith, life lessons

“Prayer is powerful” is something that I hear time and time again. When something isn’t going right, others’ response is automatically, “Have you prayed about it?” When I’m stressing over a particular situation in my life, friends and family tell…