A Grateful Heart

November 23, 2017 in family, holiday

Happy Thanksgiving from the Cramer’s! We’re really soaking up this holiday season with Landon and all of his “firsts”. I’m so overcome with emotion most days recently because I’m just so in love with our son and seeing the light…

Landon’s First Pumpkin Patch

October 27, 2017 in holiday, LandonErwin

It’s fall, y’all! ^^ my absolute favorite saying of all time. It’s so southern, ha! It’s officially “fall” (well, since about a month ago), but the weather has just recently started reflecting the current season we’re in. Thank goodness! I…

A Valentine’s Lesson

February 15, 2016 in holiday, life lessons, love

Valentine’s Day – a day to celebrate love. Many take issue with this holiday, saying that it’s just society’s way of getting people to buy into things – balloons, flowers, candy, cards. But I like to think of it as…

New Year’s 2016 Celebration

January 4, 2016 in family, holiday

Celebrating the New Year is something that I usually don’t get excited or schedule fancy plans for. It’s something that I think about in terms of goals and what I’ve accomplished in the past year and what I look forward…