Chris Soules in Bali

February 24, 2015 in television

It was a big week for Chris Soules, as he ventured out to Bali with his final three: Whitney, Becca, and Kaitlyn.  *disclaimer: SPOILERS AHEAD*

Chris Soules from ABC's 'The Bachelor 2015'

His week of fantasy suite dates began with Kaitlyn. They went to a spiritual place and participated in carrying baskets on their heads, walked the streets of Bali just talking with locals, and saw lots of monkeys! It was a super casual, laid back date that seemed to begin his week there perfectly. And not only that, but Kaitlyn was finally able to open up to Chris about her feelings and get a little more serious. She’s pretty easygoing and fun loving, which is awesome – she and Chris seem to always laugh and have a good time, but Chris had been sensing Kaitlyn’s guard being up. Well, this week, Kaitlyn allowed herself to be vulnerable and tell Chris she was falling in love with him, and he reciprocated her feelings right back! I’ll be honest, Kaitlyn was not one of my favorites in the beginning. In fact, she was one of my top three definite disliked women the first few weeks. However, the longer she’s stuck around, the more she’s really opened up and showed depth to her personality. Those two would definitely have a fun and exciting life together. I just don’t know what that would like like in small town Arlington, Iowa…

Next up, Chris and Whitney had a date on the water! They went sailing on the Indian Ocean and had just fabulous views. Nothing says romance quite like that date. Simply beautiful. They made out a lot while on board, which I don’t blame them for. Ha! If I was in that situation, I’d totally be doing the same thing. 🙂 Just sayin’. But, Whitney had a lot on her mind. Her sister couldn’t give Chris her blessing if he chose in her in the end, and that was difficult for Whitney to accept. And I don’t blame her. Whitney doesn’t have parents, so her sister is her closest family. Not to have that blessing from her is devastating when she knows she’s in love with Chris. Whitney’s conversation with Chris about it was special and just perfect. He reassured her that it didn’t change his mind about her, and she was able to finally breathe and put that behind her. You could just see the love radiating from Whitney, and she is so adorable. But Chris still had questions for her – he wasn’t so sure she could leave her life in Chicago to be with him in Iowa. Her career really weighed on him. She completely opened up to Chris and told him she’d basically give up her career to be a wife to him in Arlington. I cried. It was so sweet and open and real, and you could just see the relief on Chris’s face. It was probably one of the biggest moments between them, because Whitney has really focused on her career up to that point.

Finally, it was Becca’s date with Chris. They explored Sidemen, Bali which is a super cultural village. Families there climb trees, and work canals, and just work the land to make a living. It was like a jungle and just gorgeous! They went to a temple and the medium guy’s advice for them that night was to make love. Chris seemed to like that answer, but Becca just shook her head. She’s a virgin and knew she had to tell Chris on their date. Every time I see Becca and Chris together, I just smile. They’re absolutely adorable together, and the fact that Becca has never been in love before and that her family says she’s not an affectionate or intimate person kind of makes it that much more special. Because with Chris, she is affectionate, and she said more than once that she’s falling in love with him. During dinner, Becca was able to reassure Chris that she felt she was falling in love with him, and he told her the same thing. It was a weight off of his shoulders because he felt they were finally on the same page in how they felt. And then, they forego their individual rooms and head for the fantasy suite, which is where Becca finally tells Chris she’s a virgin. He responded in just the perfect way. He told her that he respected her and that it said a lot about who she was as a person. He was honest and said he was more concerned about seeing if they could work long-term. It was a natural conversation and they were able to smile and laugh about it. Becca was completely relieved it wasn’t a deal breaker and looked forward to some one on one time with Chris. Even though they may not have had sex, spending the night alone with someone, is a deeper and more intimate connection. But then, they apparently woke up together and had a very serious conversation about their future that really confused Chris. Say what?

This was the first week that Chris said he didn’t get clarity. He battled between who he was sending home. He admitted he was confident in one rose, but the other he wasn’t so sure about. And he wasn’t clear about Becca, as she was the only woman who hadn’t openly said she was in love with Chris and wouldn’t move to Iowa right away. But he made a good point, that isn’t necessarily better or worse than where the other women were. Finally it was time for the rose ceremony. Chris pulled Becca aside to talk to her, and I’m so glad he did! She was able to clarify that a move to Arlington wasn’t completely out of the question, she just meant that she had to absolutely be in love before making such a life changing decision. Her words were perfection and seemed to be what Chris needed. Meanwhile, Kaitlyn and Whitney were stunned and were sure that Chris was saying goodbye to Becca. So, imagine their surprise when she comes walking back in with him! Kaitlyn: “Oh, shoot!”

Oh, shoot is right, girlfriend. I knew the instant that Becca walked back in with him that he’d be keeping her and sending Kaitlyn home. He wouldn’t have that conversation with her and then allow her to stand through a rose ceremony if he was sending her home. He would’ve said goodbye right then and there. So, first rose goes to Whitney, and then Becca’s name is called. And Kaitlyn is crushed. She definitely opened up to Chris this week, but he just wasn’t feeling it I guess. He couldn’t give her a straightforward reason on why he was sending her home, but we all know it’s because his heart was feeling more for Whitney and Becca.

So there we have it: the final two! And I’m happy with Chris choosing either of them, as I love them both! However, I’m still rooting for Becca. Yes, there are some concerns with her as she’s never been in love, but she’s getting there! Give the girl a chance. And those two together are seriously adorable. I guess we’ll find out in two weeks for the final rose ceremony and [fingers crossed] a proposal!

Who are you rooting for? What did you think of Kaitlyn getting the boot this week? 

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