Chris Soules: Smart Man

February 10, 2015 in television

Well, I’d say week 6 went pretty well for Chris Soules as The Bachelor. He is definitely making headway and is weeding out all of the crazy. Let’s get right to this week’s episode.

Chris Soules, The Bachelor

This week’s episode started out a little different than most, as last week did not end in a rose ceremony. We were left hanging with Kelsey crying on the floor as a paramedic was tending to her. Drama, people. Serious drama. This week picked up where last week ended, and there was a rose ceremony. It was definitely a little weird to see one first thing in the episode, but it went as to be expected. Chris sent Samantha, whom we never saw get much, if any, alone time with Chris and there was just no connection that was aired on TV, and Mackenzie. Sending Mackenzie home was a bit of a shock, but she’s very young for Chris (he’s in his thirties, and she’s twenty-one) and is a single mother. He didn’t want to keep her longer than necessary and keep her away from her child. Kudos.

This week’s dates were: a one-on-one, a group date, and a two-on-one. And let the drama begin! Becca got the one-on-one date, and I was so happy for her! She seems like such a sweet girl and is just down to earth. They definitely have natural chemistry, and that was the most perfect first kiss ever! So, so sweet. She just seems so genuine and I’m glad Chris sees that in her. I can’t help but smile watching those two together! Seriously adorable. Seriously.

The next date card to arrive was the group date, in which Whitney, Carly, Britt, Jade, Megan, and Kaitlyn prepared songs to sing for Chris, with the help of Big and Rich! So fun! I’d be a nervous wreck having to do what those girls did, but they all blew it out of the park. Jade was super nervous, but she did just fine! I don’t think she’s very used to being open with her feelings. She seems a little closed off, but maybe she’s just reserved? Only time will tell. And can I just say that the song that Carly sang straight to Chris while looking in his eyes was seriously amazing. That moment between them was just so intense … I was so happy for her! After the songs were sung, the evening portion of the day began, and the girls got in some one-on-one time with Chris. He reassured a few girls who weren’t feeling very confident anymore, but then he runs off with Britt and the remaining girls are stunned. He tells Britt that he has a surprise for her, and he runs off with her down the street of Deadwood, South Dakota to a Big and Rich concert! They end up on stage, where he proceeds to give her the rose! It was a super sweet moment, but it was also very awkward. The other girls were just left wondering where they ran off to, and Whitney made a comment later that they were gone for over an hour. How strange! If you’re on a group date, how can you just leave five women to fend for themselves for over an hour while you run off with one? How are they supposed to feel? Talk about tension – as soon as Chris and Britt returned, I felt super awkward and I wasn’t even there! But, I don’t blame the other girls. Chris and Britt’s connection is undeniable. I also have to admit that it was nice to see a different side of Kaitlyn when she got upset upon Chris and Britt’s return. She showed that she was vulnerable and had feelings. Definitely good to humanize her and relate to her a little more.

And then, the long-awaited two-on-one date with the two most miserable women and the ones I disliked most: Ashley I. and Kelsey. I was happy when it was revealed that those two were the ones on this date because I didn’t care which one went home (although I secretly wanted Kelsey to just leave already!). The date was super awkward, as most two-on-ones are, but you could tell that Chris just wasn’t into it. He wasn’t into either of them, and I was surprised when he sent BOTH GIRLS home! Seriously, Chris is a smart, smart man! He couldn’t have made a better decision in letting go of both Ashley and Kelsey. Ashley cries. A lot. She’s pretty immature and super sensitive…not a good combination to be on The Bachelor vying for the heart of one man with 29 other women! And Kelsey, she got real crazy, real fast. I loved when Carly deemed her the black widow. It was strikingly accurate! I was happy to see them both leave. Way to go, Chris! Social media seemed to agree with you, too. I can’t even count how many tweets and status updates I saw praising Chris for getting rid of both women!

Because Chris sent both women home, there was no rose ceremony. Now, Chris is left with seven women.

My favorites as of this week: Whitney, Becca, and Carly! These three girls seem really genuine and have an awesome connection with Chris. I can also see all three of them settling down with him in Iowa, in his lifestyle. And with the previews for next week, all the girls will get a glimpse at what life as a farmer’s wife would look like! Britt seems to have a major meltdown and freak out…we’ll see what will happen. I can’t wait! Let the love and drama continue to unfold :).

Who is your front runner this week? Were you sad to see who went home? 

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  • Meagan February 10, 2015 at 1:45 pm

    I finally watched it on time this week so no spoilers today! I can't wait for them to go to Iowa (about 45 mins from my hometown!) although I know ABC is going to make it look horrible. My fave is Becca, but I like Whitney too 🙂

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