April 27, 2015 in life lately

Currently, I’m…

WISHING for time to really work on some blogging and devotionals this week.

WATCHING this video. It’s hilarious and amazing.

LISTENING to Chase Rice’s Jack Daniels and Jesus. It’s addicting.

FEELING overwhelmed. Still trying to adjust to living at home and finding time for myself to do things I enjoy.

WEARING my new Ginger Snaps bracelet! I picked it up yesterday at a local boutique and I’m really loving it.

WRITING this post. I’m also finally writing up a few more posts to be more consistent on this here blog!

DREAMING of being on a beach somewhere, drink in hand, and letting my cares blow away in the wind.

NOTICING the heat here in Texas. I spent more time outside this past weekend and it definitely got to me! The humidity kills me every single time. It’s not even summer yet!

LOVING life. Although it’s overwhelming sometimes and I’m tired a lot, it’s so worth it. I’m embracing every day and cherishing all the time I’m getting with my family and boyfriend. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

PRAYING for continued strength and peace in this chapter of my life. I’ve been feeling all sorts of out of order recently, and I want (and need) to get better with it.

READING Karen Kingsbury’s 9/11 series. It’s taking me a while because it’s just so sad! I definitely don’t recommend reading them without a box of Kleenex nearby.

HOPING to get some good reading in this week. I’m slowly getting back to it and have been enjoying every minute!

WONDERING how on earth Shonda Rhimes is going to make it okay for all of us fangirls out there after killing off Derek Shephard on last week’s Grey’s Anatomy! She better have some good stuff coming up…I still can’t believe it. His funeral is this week on a 2-hour special and I just know I’m going to be feeling all the feels.

WAITING to officially start my new function at work since my promotion! They’re working on filling my old position and then it’s game on! I’m so excited.

REMINISCING back to our family vacation last year! I’m finally getting around to editing all of my pictures and getting the posts up. Cozumel was so, so fun!

What are you up to on this Monday? 

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