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May 22, 2017 in LandonErwin, parenthood

Well, we officially survived our first week of daycare and my returning to work!

*pause for applause*

This is HUGE, y’all!

I knew that the (long) days of staying home with Landon would be coming to an end once he was old enough to enter daycare, and as much as I was looking forward to not being covered in spit-up and unshowered for days on end, I knew I was going to miss him. This (not so) tiny human that I carried for nine months and had spent every single day of the past six weeks with was my world. How was I going to let go of the control – to allow another non-relative, human being to take care of his needs throughout the day? I mean, I’m his MOM and I’ve cared for him every single day of his little life.

I was apprehensive about Landon being in daycare and the physical act of handing him over and leaving him there – with strangers – while life continued without his presence within a 10 foot radius. It’s tough stuff! But, I did it. And I only teared up once – on day one as I was driving away from daycare and on to work. I had a moment Wednesday when I really just missed him, and then again Thursday morning leaving him again, but no tears! So, I’m calling it a win in this mama’s book. I’m going to repeat it because I feel it just needs to be said. Y’all, I DID IT!

And so did Landon!

He did so good for his first week of daycare! As good as any six week old baby can do, I guess. I mean, he can’t really communicate or cry that his mother is leaving him with strangers. He probably doesn’t even know any different. BUT, he ate, slept, and pooped like a champ last week in the hands of strangers. And that’s (another) win in this mama’s book!

Daycare rules are different (i.e. no blankets in the crib), and he’s had to be cared for by people that don’t know his every cry and need on a whim, so he’s definitely had to adjust. Not to mention that there are several other tiny humans that the teachers have to watch and care for, when for six weeks, he’s been the center of attention 24/7. So I’m sure it’s been an adjustment for him, too. But, I’m thankful to have him exposed to other surroundings and other people. He’s already spoiled enough (hi, first-time mom here – spoiling comes with the territory!), so the fact that he’s around other people and doesn’t get hands-on attention every single minute of every day is probably good for him in the long run. And yes, I’m fully aware that I may eat my words someday, but maybe not. We’ll just have to see! But they love him at daycare. I mean, how could they not?! And he got some outside time on Friday – so cute!

As for my first week back at work, it’s had its ups and downs. The first day was just plain weird to get up, get dressed (gasp!), drive Landon to daycare, drop him off, go to work, play catch-up to what’s happened at work for the past six weeks while I’ve been gone, pick up Landon from daycare, drive home, etc. etc. Just the momentum change and so much new with Landon being at daycare and never having experienced anything like it made the day sort of a blur. Before I knew it, Monday was over and it was time to do it all over again on Tuesday.

I’m starting to get back in the groove of things at work and am not only catching up, but I’m also learning new things! So it’s good. It’s good to be around adults and earning income again. However, with all of that being said, the first week kicked my ass to the moon and back! I’m in a perpetual state of exhaustion and having to commute back and forth from work 4 hours a day is HARD after not sleeping much or well at night. So that’s been a challenge. Thankfully Landon has amazing grandparents that have been oh so helpful during our transition into the working world and daycare. I honestly don’t know where I’d be without them! Please join me in praying that our sweet boy starts to sleep better and longer at night! I’m a bit desperate at this point.

Overall, I’m proud of us! We’ve not only survived Landon’s first month of life, we’ve also now survived yet another change and will hopefully get into a routine of this “new life” soon. Also, not once did I forget to pick him up from daycare after work – score!! Here’s to another successful week!

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