EAST COASTing through life

April 25, 2016 in family, life lessons

I seriously cannot believe that I’m writing this post right now, but here we are. It’s happening – it’s actually happening.


That’s right, I’m moving! And it’s not just a small move to a different part of the same city. It’s not even from one city to a neighboring city. No. It’s huge. It’s epic for me. I’m moving to the east coast! I’m leaving Texas and am going to be starting my next life chapter in a completely different state. I’m leaving my friends, my job, my family, and everything I’ve ever known to begin a new adventure. I’m excited for a new start and to learn a new place – to explore outside of my sheltered Texas life. But I’m nervous and terrified and anxious and am living in fear of the unknown of what that actually means and looks like for my future.

But most of all, I am unbelievably thankful for all of the support I’ve received and continue to receive during this process. From changed plans to the heart-wrenching feeling that I’ll be over 1,000 miles from my family, I’m loved and supported. And in knowing that, I am confident in this move. I have prayed relentlessly for clarity and peace in this transition, and I’ve gotten it. There are still things left unchecked and “pending”, but I know that no matter whether I fail or succeed at this move and life beyond my comfort zone, I’m growing and changing in ways I never fathomed, and I’m loved. No matter what, I’m supported. Through the inevitable tears and homesickness, I’ll be supported and loved and cared about. Through the joys of this new adventure, I’ll be supported and loved and cared about.

And in just a short 5 days, I’m moving. Ready or not…East Coast or bust!

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