February To-Do’s

February 5, 2016 in goals

It’s a new month, and that means a new to-do list! But first, let’s take a look back at January and see how I did…

1. Read 2 books.
CHECK! I actually read five and am pretty proud of my progress so far! Check out my book reviews here.

2. Consistently post on the blog.
When I first thought back about how I did with posting in January, I thought that while it definitely wasn’t a complete success, it wasn’t a complete failure, either. But then, I really went back and looked at the dates and missed postings, and I missed 4 out of 13 days. That means I was really only consistent for one week in January. So, I failed. *sigh* BUT, I feel like it was a really good starting point (because posting 9 our of 13 days really isn’t so bad!) to building up to more consistency. So, not a “total” failure ;).

3. Clean & organize post-holiday chaos.
Check! Bags have been unpacked and things have been put away (minus normal laundry and chaos…ha!) from the holidays.

4. Pray.
Yes. Although struggling, I have been praying more often.

And now, February’s to-do list!

to-do in february

1. Be intentional. 
I really want to be more intentional in a few areas in my life: mainly reading, blogging, and Bible study/quiet time.

2. Read 2 books.
I blew it out of the water last month and instead of setting my sights super high (and setting myself up for failure), I’m sticking with my goal of 2 books this month.

3. Work on photography.
I have several shoots down that I want to work on editing, so I really want to make progress on that this month!

February is a short month (ok, by a day, but still short!), so I’m keeping this month’s to-do list short as well! Small goals that are realistic to accomplish. That’s the plan this year!

What are some of your February goals?

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