It’s Friday! And I think that calls for some randomness, right? Right.

+ I am currently binge-watching the entire season of Hart of Dixie on Netflix and am totally loving it! It’s the southern, small town, feel good kind of show that just makes my heart happy. 
+ It still feels like I’m just on a vacation instead of a resident of this beautiful state. I wonder when that will change…

+ I am super thrilled to be getting back into routine and structure and organization (kind of). And by that, I mean that I have big things planned for this here blog and I’m bullet journaling to my heart’s content. 
+ I’m kinda, sorta craving some beach time. Think umbrella, beach chair, big floppy hat, and a good book. (Who am I?!)

+ Speaking of a good book, I’m looking for some book recommendations for my next few reads! Any suggestions?

+ The wi-fi here is driving me insane! It’s not very stable and my blogging & Netflix-watching heart is not at all satisfied with it.

+ If I could skip summer, I would. In a heartbeat. Bring on fall!

+ Cory and I have spent some quality time the past few days playing Uncharted 4 on ps4. And by that, I mean he played while I watched. I admit I was totally into the storyline and the the graphics are seriously amazing! Kudos Naughty Dog (the developer)!