Giving it to God

December 18, 2014 in faith, self discovery

I’ve been in a rut. With this blog, with house chores, with devotions and studying scripture, with organization and to-lists. My whole life has been a rut lately. And I’ve been miserable.

I’ve been running myself ragged, doing this and that, going here and there, not really settling down and focusing on what actually needs to be done. I have the best intentions of getting the laundry done and cranking out a few blog posts, but I just haven’t been able to follow through. There are piles of laundry ready to be folded, and the blank page of blogger has been staring at me for far too long. I’m not on top of my budget or returning those library books. Christmas gifts still haven’t been wrapped. My mind is all jumbled with craziness and chaos. What gives? 
But then, it happened! It was glorious and nothing short of a miracle. I gave it all to God – I turned it all over to him. I prayed for him to show me through the foggy days and to bring meaning to each and every day, to be productive and follow through on my plans to reach my goals, no matter how big or small. I told Him that I knew His plans were best for me, and I let it go. I stopped stressing and trying to make things happen my way and in my time. I told Him that I could no longer continue on the path I had been on the past few weeks, and His reply? “Finally, my child.” 

give it to God canvas

I surrendered it all to God, and He gave me overwhelming peace. Sure, none of my problems were going to be solved overnight, but I knew they’d be reconciled. I knew I’d find motivation and be productive again. Because God was in control again. I had gotten away from that and it showed. I got caught up in online dating and the daily routines of work, job #2, sleep, and unfulfilling TV shows. I lost sight of the bigger picture, and I suffered. 
You see, I feel my best when I’m in constant communication with God. When I constantly feel His presence and power, I’m calm and at peace. But when I allow distance to grow between us, it’s not pretty. It’s disastrous and costly in more ways than one. 
They say the best way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans. Well, He must have been enjoying a mighty comedy these past few weeks with my confidently telling Him my plans for my future. There’s been some serious, hardcore laughing going on up there and completely at my expense. But I hope he’s ready to stop laughing, because the reins are in His hands and He’s completely in control. Giving it all to God has been absolutely breathtaking. The serenity and peace that washed over me within hours was glorious. I woke up with a clear head and was even able to get some things accomplished!

I recently heard this quote and just love it – GIVE IT TO GOD AND GO TO SLEEP. Yes, please! 

5x7 Watercolor Calligraphy Print // Give it to God and go to sleep
Lesson learned. Again. And the hard way, as usual. But I’m so thankful to be back in sync with the Lord, with Him in control and leading my life. To Him be the glory, today and every day.


  • Meagan December 19, 2014 at 3:32 pm

    Amazing what can happen when you do that, right? I'm glad you found some answers He'll take care of everything!

  • Veronica Lee Burns December 22, 2014 at 10:17 am

    amen lovely!

  • Amy December 28, 2014 at 9:38 pm

    Beautiful post! It's amazing the peace we feel when we simply surrender, and trust in His promises.

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