How We Found Out We Were Expecting

January 3, 2017 in LandonErwin, parenthood

I’ve always dreamed of being a mom, and parenthood is something Cory and I have talked about since we first started dating. However, we weren’t in a huge rush because we knew we weren’t truly settled and ready to add a baby to the mix of our crazy. God clearly had other plans…

Cory spent some time in the hospital in August for his cellulitis, which meant I was coming and going between the hospital, work, and home to care for our pups. So when I started to feel a little run down and sick, I honestly thought nothing of it. I actually put off going to the doctor because I figured I’d get over whatever it was.

Well, as you can probably guess by now, I wasn’t going to “get over it” anytime soon. I decided to go to the doctor to see what I had (I honestly thought it was strep or the flu or something). After a urine sample, strep test, and several other questions and tests, the doctor came back in the room and confirmed that my pregnancy test was positive.


Cue freak out.

I legitimately almost fell off of the exam table. Seriously.

The doctor was seriously the sweetest, though, and he calmed my nerves and asked several times if I was okay, if this was something I was happy about, and if I thought the baby daddy would be happy about it. I really couldn’t have asked for a better physician to break the news to me! I assured him I would be okay and that Cory would be happy, too, after the shock and freak out happened. They did some blood work just to make sure nothing else was going on and I left the doctor’s office with a positive pregnancy test in tow.

How in the world was I going to share this news with Cory?! It was like 11am and I had to go back to work. I didn’t want to share the news over the phone, and part of me really wanted to find a cute and clever way to share the news. But I’m me, and I can’t keep anything to myself (you’ll see more evidence of that, just wait). I made it back to my office, told a few coworkers and one of my bosses (because hello, still freaking out here), and got back to work. Afterwards, I went shopping and bought a cute card and a small stuffed giraffe toy (our baby’s first stuffed animal!) to wrap and give to Cory to open when I got home.

I was on pins and needles just waiting for him to finally know what I had known all day. We were going to be parents. His mom was visiting to help out with his cellulitis and he had been released from the hospital the previous week, but was still at home with a foot he could barely stand on. Thus, it was a challenge for me to get him alone to give him the gift. I walked in the door and asked him if he could come outside to look at something on my car that wasn’t right (men and cars…gets them every time, right?!). Well, it worked! His mom questioned if the car was ok but stayed inside while Cory followed me out. I opened my car door, pulled out the gift bag, and gave it to him, playing it off that it was a belated birthday gift (his bday was 4 days earlier). This worked, too! He had no idea it was anything else and opened the card first. It was super sappy and loving and held words from my heart such as how I was blessed to be his fianc√©, how lucky I was to have him in my life, and how much I loved him, especially because he was going to be a dad! He froze and thought I was playing a joke on him. He kind of laughed it off, and I cried. For real. Tears were welling up because I just wanted him to be happy and okay with it all, but I knew he needed time to process it. I assured him I wasn’t joking at all, he pulled out the stuffed giraffe, and I pulled out my positive pregnancy test from the doctor.

He believed me (I had evidence to back it up, duh!), and he went through all of the exact same scenarios that I did: we can’t afford a baby right now, we’re not settled, we live in an RV, we can’t afford a baby right now, we’re not settled, we live in an RV, WE CAN’T AFFORD A BABY RIGHT NOW… and on and on. After a few minutes, we hugged and I cried, and we talked. We definitely were happy with the news (it’s something we’ve both always wanted), we just weren’t sure how it was all going to play out (story of my life, just sayin’). He assured me it would all be okay and we were good. Really good! WE WERE GOING TO BE PARENTS!! And then we had to figure out how and when to share the news with our families. Y’all, it was a long night…

Although we weren’t trying and it wasn’t necessarily the best timing, we really are so excited to be welcoming this little nugget come April. Like they say, if you wait until you can afford and be ready to have kids, you’ll never have them. We love Baby Cramer oh so much already!

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