…I’m really, really glad these confessions are on Wednesdays. It just works.

…I’m totally and completely OVER being sick! It’s basically been the entire month of January, and ain’t nobody got time for that.

…My home is in desperate need of cleaning and organizing. But again, ain’t nobody got time for that!

…I should really make time for above confession. Dang adulthood!

…I had the hands-down best date night ever last night! It involved a delicious dinner at Olive Garden at 5pm and then several hours of browsing through books at Barnes and Noble with my sister. #winning

…It’s quite difficult for me to not jump on all of the Lent devotionals and studies that are going around out there. I’m looking at you, Naptime Diaries and SheReadsTruth! #broke

…I’m not nearly as far along in my winter book reading challenge as I’d like to be. Let’s face it, I’m kind of failing a little bit. But I’m still motivated and determined, so we’ll see where I end up!

…I’m happy. I’m very truly, for quite possibly the first time in my life, honestly, genuinely happy. 🙂

…Retail therapy is a thing. It’s real, and I love it. My bank account, however, disagrees. It really needs to just get on my level already!

…I strongly want to look into the Young Living Essential Oils. Seriously, I’ve heard amazing things about them and want to give them a go! But again, #broke. #storyofmylife

What are you confessing today?