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February 12, 2015 in holiday, love

I’m a lover, and I love love. It’s who I’ve been my entire life. I love being in love and everything that comes along with it. Being with someone, I’m constantly thinking about something of meaning to do for them or get them.

Last year for Valentine’s Day, I did 14 days of Love, leading up to Valentine’s Day, in my ex-husband’s love language. Every day, he opened up a card and it had some act of service or physical touch activity that would occur that day. From going to a movie he’d been wanting to see, to cooking dinner, to a back massage or letting him take over the living room watching whatever TV show or playing his Xbox without question…It was 14 days about him. I didn’t love doing every single one of those things, and there were some days when I just wanted to give it up and sleep or do what I wanted to do. But I didn’t. I committed to it and loved making those days about him.

This year, Valentine’s Day is different. I’m not married – there’s no husband to focus on. I thought for sure I’d be spending it alone with a big glass of wine, binge watching some TV show on Netflix and eating the chocolate I bought for myself. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that (it actually sounds pretty fantastic, right?). But it’s even different than the different day I had thought out in my head. I have actual plans this year! I’m dating an amazing guy, and we have plans. I couldn’t be happier as Valentine’s Day draws closer and closer. It’s nothing super extravagant or spectacular. No huge gestures or master plans. Just a day spent with him and doing all the love things. Little gifts from each other. Movies. Food. Just simple plans, but plans that I couldn’t be more excited about!

It’s not about the gifts or amount of chocolates that are purchased. This year, I’m really focusing on the importance of Valentine’s Day – sharing the day with someone I love and showing my affection for him. It’s blocking out the rest of the world and focusing on us. We’re dating long distance, so the mere fact that Valentine’s Day this year is on a Saturday and having him visit for the weekend is simply amazing. I’m going to absolutely cherish every single second that he’s here. Not that I don’t cherish time with him any other weekend, but I’m going to be intentional in just being thankful for him and all that he’s done for me. For taking time out of his life to spend the weekend with me and show just how much he loves me.

The simple fact of being where I am in this relationship is astounding. It’s coming up to the one year mark since my separation with my ex-husband and to be where I am is nothing short of a miracle. Being truly happy is amazing. I love love, and I’m so unbelievably blessed to have found it again and be where I am. I’ve put in a lot of hard work to get where I am, and I’m blessed. I’m sharing this Valentine’s Day with the man that I love, and that’s remarkable.

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? How to you show the one you love that you love them? 

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  • Allison @ Texas Mrs. February 12, 2015 at 9:40 pm

    So where does your man live? Long distance would be tough, but I totally agree with shutting everything else out and just focusing on him! 🙂

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