I Spy a Great Weekend

June 29, 2015 in family, life lately, love

What an amazing weekend! And a three-day one at that ;). Nothing fancy, no huge plans, just some much needed R&R if you know what I mean.

My weekend started on Friday, and I slept in like nobody’s business! I stretched and opened my eyes to find out it was 10:30am. And then I stayed in bed until 11:30am, because why not?! I perused Facebook and Instagram, read a few chapters in the book I was into, and just enjoyed the comfort of my bed, because lately, my bed and I haven’t gotten much alone time and I was all about rectifying that situation on Friday (which I accomplished, in case you were curious).

Things got a little hairy Friday evening and emotions were out of control, but things have been uneasy and a little difficult for me lately, so I indulged and found some peace in nature and no cell phone. It was pretty rewarding and I feel much better for it.

Saturday, I woke up to a text from Cory saying that we should do something (his way of saying we needed a date night), to which I was totally on board! He said that I should think about it throughout the morning and then just let him know what time to head over. That sweet man – my heart melted. In the meantime, mom and I had hair appointments to do a test run before my brother’s wedding (that’s now less than three weeks away!).

Talk about perfect timing, because spending some time with my mom and laughing it up was just what I needed. Followed by date night? Yes, PLEASE! My ‘no plans’ turned into some spontaneous fun and my heart was overjoyed. Especially when I had fancy hair for my date that I didn’t have to fuss with. Check, check, and check!

And date night was perfection to top it off. I felt special because he picked me up and dropped me off (well, attempted to anyway) just like dating was back in the old days. Haha. I fussed around, got ready, and then was so anxious right before he got there. It was just nice, to be honest. Simple, no bells and whistles, just a date night with my man. We headed to a nearby town, enjoyed an early dinner at a local steakhouse (which was fantastic!), and then headed to see Spy. That movie is definitely a must-see! It had the action, the humor, and the perfect amount of mystery/suspense. Cory and I both loved it, another plus.

Then, heading back home, things didn’t pan out as we had planned. Apparently a big thunderstorm had come through the area since we had left and we hit two different areas that were flooded, which meant we had to turn around and try a different way to get me home. Long story short, we went the long way around to find that the low water bridge to the house was under water and we were unable to get across.

So, I headed home with Cory and our date was extended to almost 24 hours :). Neither of us were complaining, it was just added time that we weren’t anticipating! So our dinner and a movie turned into that plus breakfast and then a graduation party for my cousin. We both really enjoyed this little curve ball that Mother Nature threw our way and didn’t complain one bit. Well, mostly. I had nothing with me (clothes, makeup, a brush, nothing), so that was interesting. But, it all worked out and it turned out to be a really great weekend with some R&R, reading, sleeping, date night, and family time.

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