i’ll never understand

September 23, 2015 in life lately, life lessons

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “What the heck is that person doing/thinking?!” or “I just don’t get it!”?

I have. I’ve actually been doing it more and more lately, and I just wanted to share a few things that I’ll never understand…

+ I’ll never understand why people choose to brush their teeth in the restroom at the office. To me, it’s just gross. I’d rather floss at my desk and chew some gum until I get home. Just no.

+ I’ll never understand why so many people overshare. Yes, I’m looking at YOU! No one really wants to hear about every single time your dog makes that precious whining noise or every time you get a text message or have to mail something. Really, we don’t want to know. I promise.

+ I’ll never understand why it’s so darn difficult to keep up with a daily budget. Just the mere thought of importing that day’s expenses makes me want to stick my head in sand. HATE IT.

+ I’ll never understand my impatience. It gets the best of me time and time again. I’m just not patient – no matter how hard I try or remind myself “all in due time…”.

+ I’ll never understand my obsession with notebooks and pens. I know it has a little something to do with the fact that I’m a planner and like to be organized, but do I really need that 10th pen and new notebook when I have dozens just laying around? Mmm…probably not. (but it won’t stop me. I’ll just add it to that day’s expenses in my budget…or not)

+ I’ll never understand why there’s so much judgment in the world. We all hate to be judged, yet we all judge away, every single day. It’s vicious and needs to stop. Let’s get to work on that, ‘kay?

+ I’ll never understand why I can’t stay motivated. Apparently, I have a problem with consistency. Anyone have any bright ideas or tips to help me with this?! It’d be greatly appreciated.

+ I’ll never understand how on earth it is humanly possible to constantly lose and/or misplace bobby pins and stud earrings. Seriously, though. I am constantly hunting one or both of these things down, failing to locate them, and buying more. It never fails!

+ I’ll never understand how some people can get away with absolutely everything (or so it seems) and others (like myself) can’t. I’m talking little things here, not criminal activity.

+ I’ll never understand morning people. Just no. I’ve tried and tried to become one for several years now and I’ve finally accepted the fact that it just isn’t ever going to happen for me. I don’t get it!

Okay, never say never! I might grasp a few of these eventually!

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