This past Saturday, my brother, sister, and I headed for the hills. Well, it was more like a mountain!

We went hiking! And it was SO.MUCH.FUN! It was also super duper hottttt! Like, 95 degrees and humid kind of hot. Sweltering heat of Texas, y’all.

We went to the same park we had been to before, but this time we took a different route. What my sister failed to mention was that this particular trail was pegged as “difficult”. Honestly, I’m not sure she even knew before we started out, but let’s just say I’ll definitely be a little more inquiring the next time I get a text or call asking if I want to go hiking instead of just going along with it!

Although it was treacherous difficult, we seriously had a blast! Spending time with these two is always so much fun and definitely entertaining, to say the least. Our poor brother though, he had to wait on us more than a few times for a break. I’m definitely out of shape, and this hike took a lot out of me! But along the way, we saw some gorgeous views, and it was great to spend some time with nature, even in the middle of a big city. We even forded a river (twice), which consisted of us taking our shoes and socks off, trying not to fall into the river by stepping on large rocks along the way, getting across, and using a towel to dry our feet off and put said socks and shoes back on, albeit a little bit muddy. Hilarious doesn’t even begin to describe it!

Speaking of the views. I was obsessed. In between huffs and puffs for air, I was loving every bend along the way, not knowing what we’d see next. We reached some seriously high elevations and were able to see for miles and miles. The best part though was surviving and hitting up Sonic afterwards since we were dying of thirst. I didn’t get too many pictures because I was physically dying, but the ones I did get were pretty great!

Although exhausting, it really was a great workout, and what better way than with some of the greatest people I know?! We had such a great time, and I can’t wait to do it again!