Josh’s Wedding Weekend

July 21, 2015 in family, life lately, love

My baby brother is married! I still can’t believe the day has come and gone, but we celebrated like nobody’s business and I may or may not still be suffering from the physical exhaustion that was this past weekend (hint: I totally am).

We started early Friday morning decorating the hall, and by decorating I mean that I showed up and wandered around looking at everything that was already done. The wedding planner and her team pretty much had everything covered, so there wasn’t much else to do! We helped out with little things here and there and watched as the future bride and groom stressed out over last minute details. Afterwards, we grabbed lunch and then headed home to relax before having to be back in town for the rehearsal!

The rehearsal went smoothly and was done in about an hour after one complete run-through. We laughed, we retained nothing, and we laughed some more. Looking back on this past weekend, I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in my entire life! #laughingburnscalories <— so there’s that ;). After the rehearsal, we headed out to the restaurant that the rehearsal dinner was being held and the laughter only continued, especially with our very vocal and hilarious 4 and 7 year old cousins! From the mouths of babes, am I right? They are super adorable and everyone was entertained, that’s for sure. We chowed down on some yummy food and felt sorry for the wait staff to have to serve over 30 hungry and needy people. After dinner, the bride and groom handed out gifts to their parents, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and the ring bearer. And boy did they go all out! The girls got Vera Bradley bags, engraved mugs, personalized clothes hanger, earrings, a necklace, and nail polish. Sheesh! But I loved it all. So, so much! Except for the nail polish. I got a blue glitter polish that will most likely be used on special occasions that call for crazy nails. I’ll make it happen one day, don’t worry (ha!).

That night, my sister and I were oh-so-ready to get home, so we caught a ride with a groomsman and his girlfriend that stayed at our house for the weekend. Once there, we discovered that the best man was planning on coming over for a fire outside in the fire pit. Umm, what? It was already closing in on midnight and us girls had to be up early for hair appointments. Little did we know that we’d stay up ALL.NIGHT.LONG laughing and laughing and laughing. Stories were told, new memories were made, and let’s just say that I have a hilarious 5 minute video of the guys taking a shot of moonshine! Antics were high that night and we all had a blast.

Only a few hours later *yawn* we headed into town for our hair appointments and sipped on mimosas while enjoying some delicious breakfast from Kountry Bakery. Yum! We laughed some more, yawned a lot, and enjoyed having someone else do our hair so we didn’t have to fuss with it. #winning. Three hours later, we left the hair studio and went to the hall by the church to get ready! Dad and the guys showed up all snazzy in their tuxes, and pictures commenced. Lots and lots of pictures. And the downside to having your wedding day in July in Texas – no outside pictures! Well, not “none”, but not very many! It was so dang hot.

The ceremony was beautiful and everything went off without a hitch. Tears were shed, vows were said, and just like that, my baby brother was single no more. It was so good to see him so happy! Sadly, I don’t have any ceremony pictures. Our bridesmaid dresses did not have pockets and therefore, no cell phone for pictures.

After even more pictures, we walked over to the hall for the reception, found some drinks, and chatted with family and friends who came to celebrate the newlyweds. The decorations were gorgeous, the cakes were phenomenal, and the people were plenty. It was good to catch up with family, let loose, and just have a good time. After dinner, we grand marched like nobody’s business, and I even suckered Cory into doing it with me. He said afterwards that it was his first and last grand march – ha! Let’s just say he wasn’t a fan lol. And then it was time for the bride and groom’s first dance, the father/daughter dance, and the mother/son dance. They were all so beautiful!

After all of that, we got to the good stuff – dancing the night away! And boy did I dance. I don’t think I’ve ever danced that much in my entire life. The cupid shuffle, the wobble, the chicken dance, and so many more…we danced to them all! Cousins, friends, my sister – we were out there just having a blast. And then, a few bridesmaids decided we all needed to get on stage and sing a song, and unfortunately, someone let us! I seriously do NOT want to see a video of that. Seriously. It can’t be good. And later on in the night, the groomsmen had to try to upstage us and sing as well. Their first song was a total bust, but their second one was a little more well known and the guests ate it up! It was overall a fantastic wedding and a fun night. The photo booth got a lot of action as well. Oh, and I got Cory to agree to one dance that night, and then turned it into three ;). Shhh, don’t tell him! It was amazing to be happy, be with him dancing away, enjoying my family’s company, and soaking up the night. I may or may not have stepped on a bridesmaid’s broken glass and had to seek medical attention for my foot, but even that couldn’t deter me!

I spent all of Sunday sleeping. Hangover, exhaustion, whatever you want to call it, I slept…until 5pm! #iaintmadaboutit. Monday still had me in the throes and I’m finally feeling a little less sore today. Here’s to hoping that I’m fully recovered by this weekend!

It was a gorgeous wedding and I’m so happy my brother is happy. They are currently on the beaches of Punta Cana for some fun in the sun this week and I wish them nothing but many, many years of wedded bliss!

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