July Goals

July 5, 2017 in goals

I’m determined to stay on top of things and focus on what’s important to me. By breaking up each month into smaller goals, I’m finding that I’m more likely to accomplish things. Hey, I’m a list-maker and I like checking things off!

Let’s see how June went…

1. Landon’s two-month post and pictures. 
Check! I’m getting better at preparing for his monthly photo op and post and his two month pictures are seriously the cutest!

2. Read three books. 
Check! I actually read SIX – check out my June Book Review.

3. Sort through mail and bills. 
Eh. I didn’t accomplish this fully, but I didn’t fail this task completely, either. I started on this and actually accomplished a great deal, but it’s not totally done yet.

Now, onto July!


1. Read 3 books. 
I soared past my goal of reading three books last month, but I’m sticking with another three this month. I don’t want to push my luck! But I do want to continue reading. It’s been so great to get back into this love of mine and dig into a good book or two. I’m hoping for some good summer reads this month!

2. Enjoy vacation. 
We’re checking off another first for Landon and are flying to Pennsylvania TODAY! I am so excited for Landon to meet Cory’s family and friends and to get a break from reality for a bit. We’ll be able to soak up some much needed family time where neither of us is working and really just focus on Landon. I can’t wait! Even though I’m anxious as hell about flying with a three month old…layovers and all. Prayers are appreciated!

3. Organize photos.
Speaking of Landon (let’s face it, when am I not speaking of him?), I have about a billion pictures of him on my phone – most of which are duplicates of the same photo op! I really want to go through them all and delete the blurry/unsavable pictures and sort the rest into folders to get and stay organized. I want to be able to go through them quickly in the future when I want to find a picture from our trip to PA, for example. Or his first time swimming. Or his first smiles. You get the point.

What are your goals this month? Leave a comment and let me know!

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