Jumpin’ Jamberry!

September 4, 2014 in Uncategorized

Calling all fashionistas!

I was recently introduced to the phenomenon that is Jamberry. And I fell in love. Okay, that’s a lie. I was obsessed

I absolutely love to have my nails done. ‘Love’ probably doesn’t even begin to describe how much I like it. So, for lack of a better word, we’ll stick with love. Because of this, I have acquired quite the nail polish collection! #iaintmadaboutit But there’s one problem with nail polish (don’t even get me started on the right hand application using your left hand…just, no)…my second job doesn’t bode well for a manicured hand (or two). The polish chips within 5 minutes every single time, without fail! It’s sad and depressing and definitely can be categorized as #firstworldprobs. I digress, only because of JAMBERRY.

Jamberry nail wraps are vinyl wraps that are applied with heat and last for weeks! And they’re far less expensive than going to a salon for a manicure. And they don’t chip! Shut the front door!

On top of that, they’re super cute, and the majority of the designs could never be accomplished with polish. Just, no. Don’t even try! You’ve been warned. Just check out a few ‘jamicures’ (jamberry manicure) and decide for yourself…

jamberry giveaway
Jamberry Nails Floral Mani
Host Jamberry Nails Party

Adorbs, amiright?! They can be mixed and matched with other Jamberry wraps or polish (if you wanna go there…). The options are endless, because Jamberry has over 300 designs to choose from! Plus, yes, there’s MORE, the new fall/winter line was just announced, and the Halloween/Christmas wraps are seriously to die for! I can’t wait to sport some cute holiday jams this year! 

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why I’m telling you all about this fabulous phenomenon. Well, it’s because right now, I’m hosting an online Jamberry Bash on Facebook! I’ve probably said too much already, but if you attend the event, you’re not only going to get to play some fun games, you’re going to learn a lot more about these fantastic wraps from Independent Consultant Pamela Donovan. She’s a rockstar! All this week, she’ll be posting information and tips and tricks and all about the funness that is Jamberry. She can (and will) answer any and all questions you may have, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

One more thing…the Jamberry wraps are buy three, get one free! That’s 8 manicures and 6-8 pedicures for $45! Now, tell me you can beat that at a salon! (You can’t.) The jamicures last 2 weeks on fingers and 6 weeks on toes. So, that would have you covered for FOUR MONTHS of manicures and NINE MONTHS of pedicures for an amazing price! And you’ll feel fabulous, too. 🙂 


Now that you’ve been introduced to my new BFF Jamberry, head on over to the Facebook event and get to shoppin’! And if you’re not quite sold on these beauties yet, browse the FAQ’s, ask more questions, and check out the posted information on the wraps including how to apply them, remove them, and tips and tricks to make your Jamberry experience much more fun! Here’s the link, one more time….click HERE and prepare for a new obsession.

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  • Haley September 8, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Oooh those are kind of fun!

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