June To-Do’s

June 13, 2016 in goals
Hello? Is this thing on?  *taps the mic*
Well, hello there! I’m just dusting off my little part of the internet and jumping back into my blog. Finally! 
I know it’s been a while (only 21 days, but who’s counting?), but life has been seriously hectic and honestly chaotic lately. In good ways and bad, I suppose. 
But I’m not getting into all of that today – be on the lookout for it soon, though! Big things happening around here! Instead, today I’m focusing on my to-do list this month, even though it’s pretty much halfway over. I truly did list my goals out at the beginning of the month; they’re just now making their way to the blog, so bear with me. 
First, though, let’s recap May: 
1. Write down prayers. Yes! This really took off for me in May and I’m continuing it in June! 
2. Read 2 books. Fail. Again. *sigh* 
3. Go on an adventure. YES! We definitely adventured in May, and I’m working on recapping some for the blog soon! 🙂 
4. Get settled. Umm, not so much. As much as I was really hoping to be settled last month, it just didn’t happen, as you can tell here
2 out of 4. Ugh. Will I ever go 100%?! But the good news for me is that I get to start over fresh every single month and keep trying! That’s all we can really do in life, right? 

1. Get a job. 
June is all about employment. After taking the month of May to move to South Carolina and enjoy some (much needed) time off from the working world, it’s time to move forward and earn some income again. Because we all know how NOT making money just plain sucks, right?

2. Beach days.
So, we live on the coast now, and I really want to fully encompass being a “beach bum” this month! Because, why not?!

3. Write down prayers. 
This started going really well for me last month, so I’m focusing on it again this month! So far, so good :). I’m really enjoying seeing my prayer requests on paper to refer back to. God is good! All the time.

So, there you have it! My June goals. Let’s see how this month plays out!

What are you hoping to accomplish this month?

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