Landon – 36 Weeks

March 14, 2017 in LandonErwin
Ok, time is seriously flying by! Here I am, already 36 weeks into this pregnancy, and our sweet boy will be here in only a few short weeks! 
Baby Size
I had my 36 week appointment yesterday, and Landon is weighing in at 8lbs. 2oz! He’s definitely putting on his baby weight and this mama can absolutely feel it! I’m also not dilated at all. So, no progress there.  
None. Seriously, I haven’t been craving anything specific lately – just eating all.the.things. Because HI, 8 months pregnant and growing a large baby. 🙂 
It’s kind of a “play it by ear” sort of thing. When it’s time to eat, sometimes something won’t sound good in the moment but I’ll find myself wanting it a few days later. It just comes and goes. 
Heartburn is STILL hanging around. In fact, I slept mayyyybe 2 hours last night due to terrible heartburn – and this was AFTER taking medication that usually knocks it right out! I’ve also been having my “episodes” again: weak, lightheaded, difficulty breathing, nauseous, etc. I had a bad one last Thursday that scared me pretty badly, but I’m just sticking it out until Landon makes his entrance! Also, since this past weekend, I’ve had awful pelvic pain! Every time I shift positions or walk or literally anything, I have to be extra careful not to move too fast because the pain is intense. 
Landon is still moving around, but I can definitely tell his movements are less and less because the poor little guy is running out of room in there! It’s perfectly normal, which I’m thankful for, but he’s still a mover and thoroughly enjoys dancing on my organs throughout the day! 
What I Miss Most
Right now, sleep. And being able to move without intense pain in my pelvis. But again, it’s all worth it to have our little guy here safe and sound soon! 
What’s Happening This Week
We had our big 36 week appointment and ultrasound yesterday! It was amazing to see Landon after not having done so for two months. Boy has he grown! We talked delivery options and we’re preparing for his birth soon! Other than that, I’m just nesting and putting away all of his things so that we’re ready for him. His car seat is installed in my car and I’m going to finish packing our bags this week! 
What I’m Looking Forward To
Nesting more and putting all of Landon’s things away – our baby shower was this past weekend and I’m still going through everything! And for these next few weeks to FLY by! Please and thank you. 🙂 We’re beyond ready to meet our son. 

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